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Turtle Class News

Term 6

Week 1

Our final topic for this year is Our Place in Space.

The children have enjoyed alien-based activities this week based on the story Alien’s Love Underpants. We’ve decorated alien pants, counted spots to match a given numeral, wrote ingredients lists and recipes for an alien dinner and then made our recipe during sensory play.

We enjoyed creating star shaped sandwiches in cooking.  We’re looking forward to our next space adventures next week!

Week 2

This week we have been busy making “out of this world” cards for our dads and grandads to celebrate and say thank you on Father’s Day.

In cooking we have participated in making ‘rocket wraps’. We have been practising using utensils and equipment such as knives and we are working hard at this.

In our maths work we have continued developing our counting and addition skills by placing a given number of astronauts onto a rocket for their journey to space. We’ve also practised our size vocabulary by packing a suitcase for ourselves and an adult. We had to think carefully and compare clothing to decide if it needed to go into the ‘big’ suitcase or the ‘small’ suitcase.

Week 3

This week we have focused on rockets as part of our Space topic learning. In Literacy we have made our own role play tickets for a rocket journey around Earth or to outer space to visit Mars.

During the week we have also enjoyed exploring and using some new toys that have been purchased for Coral Reef. We have particularly enjoyed the outdoor speaker and fishing games!

This week we have had a focus on junk modelling inspired by our story ‘Whatever Next’. Some of the children enjoyed making their own ‘jet packs’ and Astronaut costumes out of bowls, bottles and boxes.

At the end of this week we had a ‘Make Music Day’ where we spent most of the day collaborating with Turtles, Starfish and Octopus class using our outdoor areas. We enjoyed making our own musical instruments from recycled materials, making sounds using different sensory materials such as rice and lentils and exploring African drums. We also really enjoyed singing songs with the parachute with our friends. It was lovely to visit other classes and to spend time playing and learning with other children across the school!

Week 4

This week Coral Reef was unfortunately closed due to a positive Covid 19 case.

However, there was lots of lovely learning at home including making playdough, gloop and baking. Well done Turtles for staying busy and safe whilst at home during week 4.

Week 5

This week we have settled back in after our week in self-isolation. The staff were really impressed with how we got back in routine so quickly and had such positive weeks at home.

We had a visit from the Planetarium on Thursday which some of us visited in the hall. The visuals were fantastic, and the children were able to identify some of the things they could see in constellations and they could also recognise some planets such as Mars and Jupiter.

In art we have explored making space wreaths and getting our feet submerged in white paint to create our own ‘footsteps on the moon’.

Week 6

We began our week with heavy rain and took the opportunity to explore puddles that formed in our outdoor area – we had great fun!

We then ended the week enjoying the sunshine and playing in the water wall.

This week in our Attention Autism sessions we have enjoyed watching a ‘Meteor splat!’

We have also been party planners this week, getting prepared for an ‘Alien Disco’ and end of term class party next week by writing invitations to our friends and writing party food shopping lists for the teachers!

Week 7

We have had a lovely last week in Turtle class this week. We have enjoyed an Alien Disco, lots of sensory play and we even spent the morning playing in the paddling pool on Wednesday!

Well done Turtles for an amazing year together, you have all grown in so many ways and have made us so proud. We all wish you good luck in your classes for September and know you will continue to thrive.

Term 5

 Week 1 Term 5 2021

We have started our All Around the World topic this term and have been learning a little bit about where we live; England! It was also St George’s Day so we have been painting our own flags and making our own sandwiches.

In writing we have been recalling what we did over the Easter holidays and writing our holiday news. In Maths we have been practising our counting skills and some of us have been challenged to estimate small amounts of objects.

Week 2 Term 5 2021

This week we have ‘visited’ France on our tour around the world. We have enjoyed sampling some French baguette in our taste session and making our own filled croissants in cooking.

We have been learning a little bit about the Eiffel Tower and were challenged to build our own version of it using construction blocks of our choice. We had great fun trying to build it really tall like the real tower! Our bucket group featured a ‘toilet roll tower’ as part of our Stage 2 focus which everyone enjoyed, especially it toppling over!

In writing we pretended to visit Paris, choosing either the Eiffel Tower or Disneyland Paris. We needed to make our own train ticket so that we could go on the Eurostar train. We did some super writing and mark making!

We also practised our safety skills and understanding using the bikes in our very own Tour De France!

Week 3 Term 5 2021

Our journey around the world took us to Italy this week. We have continued a theme around construction linked to landmarks and buildings and focused on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. As part of our theme we also made our own pitta bread pizzas, practising to use our utensils safely and make requests for toppings.

To link to our cooking, we also had a go at some role play writing and wrote out lists of our favourite pizza toppings.

We have been continuing our planting and growing theme this week and each planted our own sunflower seed which we will watch grow over the next few weeks before taking them home. Next week our challenge is to water them and look for any changes.

Week 4 Term 5 2021

Our fourth stop around the world is Canada! In cooking this week, we made Beaver Tails.

To recognise ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ we focused on items in our Attention Autism session that made us happy. This included vehicles, bubbles and a beach ball.

As part of our Rainbow Challenges this week, we visited a role play aeroplane and airport. The children were able to pack a suitcase, mark make tickets, follow airport signs and look through holiday brochures.

Week 5 Term 5 2021

This we learnt about Africa! We enjoyed learning about the animals that they have in Africa and some of the foods. In cooking this week, we made smoothies. Four our taste of the week we tasted or explored plantain crisps.

In our Rainbow challenge we used our wagon and went on a pretend safari to see what animals we could find hidden in our outside area.

In maths we used a safari scene to help us count, add and subtract!

Week 6 Term 5 2021

In our final week have term we have learnt about Australia. This week we have made boomerangs, fairy bread and painted Australian animals.

We also had a special visit from ‘Zoolab’. Where some of the children went to visit a variety of Minibeasts. The children listened brilliantly and even managed to touch some of the animals.

In writing this week we made marks around what activities we did at the weekend.

Well done Turtle class on a brilliant term.

Term 4

Week One 

We have welcomed Aidan to Turtle class this week. He has moved across from Stingray class. Aidan has settled in very well and everyone was very excited about him joining our class. This week we have started our new topic focus of ‘Hot and Cold, Fire and Ice’. We’ve enjoyed rainbow challenges where we could request a hot or cold snack such as a pancake or ice cream.

In Maths we have been continuing to practice our counting with ‘snowballs’ and other classroom objects. Some children have been challenged to add one more or take one away.

We’ve also celebrated Pancake Day (as it fell during the school half term holiday) with activities such as pancake decorating…and eating!

In Stage two of Bucket group this week we watched a Volcano erupt with different coloured lava through the week. This was one of Turtles favourite stage two activities this year!

Week Two

We have had a very busy week. On Tuesday we celebrated Safer Internet day and focused on staying safe when on the iPads and IWB. On Thursday we have celebrated World Book Day. We have engaged in activities around our story focus, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Rhythm joined us virtually to listen to the story. We also enjoyed an ice lolly in our reading café to end our World Book Day celebrations.

In Cooking this week, we made a cold fruit milkshake and in Art we started making our Mother’s Day cards.

This week in breakfast café we had the opportunity to taste Brioche. We have impressed the adults with how our money awareness is developing. Some children have now started to have their own wallets of money to spend at the café which challenges them to find the correct coin to pay for their item.

We are looking forward to welcoming our friends who have been learning at home back to school next week.

Week Three

This week in Turtle class we have welcomed all the children who have been learning at home back to school. We have had lots of fun completing our rainbow challenges this week, we had the chance to buy a hot chocolate in our role play café and find the letters of our name in the ice.

In writing this week we have written our Mother’s Day cards and finished off our last bits of decorating. We hope all our mummies and grandmas have a special day on Sunday.

We have amazed the adults this week with our focus on our workbox tasks and our fine motor skills in dough disco.

We have also had lots of fun spending time in our small garden using the rope swing, exploring in the forest and digging in the mud patch.

Week Four

We have had lots of fun learning about cold items this week. In cooking we made two different ice lollies using our blender. We made banana and chocolate flavour and watermelon and apple flavour. Later, in the week we had a chance to buy our ice lollies in our role play ice lolly shop. We had the chance to buy a homemade ice lolly which we made in cooking or a rocket ice lolly. We had lots of fun in this lesson and all were able to pay for our ice lolly.

Our focus during our communication time has been turn taking games this week. A class favourite is Baa Baa bubbles.

In PE this week we have explored the diddy cars, scooters and trikes which was great fun. We have also played musical statues and Simon says, we impressed the adults with our great listening skills and dance moves!

Week Five

This week in Turtle class we have focused on hot and cold. In cooking we made pitta bread pizzas. In our Science experiment this week we learnt about blubber and how it keeps Antarctic animals warm. Our experiment involved using lard as blubber and ice water!

In maths this week we have used water sprayers to put our numbered fire pictures. Some of us worked on counting and number recognition and others focused on adding and subtracting one.

For our writing this week we started to explore Autism Awareness week. We thought about what makes each of us special. Some of us completed our work using symbols and other wrote a few words about what makes them special.

Week Six

What a busy last week of term. This week have learnt about the Easter story. We have also made Easter cards and chocolate nests in cooking.

We have also celebrated Autism Awareness and Holi. We started our celebrations by getting very colourful (and messy!) in a colour run. We had lots of fun. We also had the chance to complete lots of colour activities in the outside area for example spray painting, chalk art and parachute games! We also had a special assembly where we all celebrated something special about us. We also had lots of parents join us virtually for this which was a lovely celebration!

Well done Turtles for another amazing term filled with lots of changes but still lots of fun. Happy Easter!

Term 3

 Week 1 

Well we’ve had a strange start to the new year! Some of the children are in school and some are learning from home.

Those of us who are in school came back on Wednesday and settled back into the swing of things really well after the Christmas holiday. We have started our new topic of Dinosaurs.

This week we have enjoyed making food for the dinosaurs to eat. We used graters and knives to grate and chop the vegetables carefully. We have also been on a dinosaur egg and scavenger hunt in our outdoor area. In art we used bubble wrap and sponges to paint our own large dinosaur on cardboard.

We’re looking forward to next weeks dinosaur adventures! 

Week 2

This week we have been busy continuing our learning about dinosaurs. We heard the story Hide-a-saurus and have enjoyed counting activities around this.

We have created our own dinosaur pancake snacks, using tools such as knives carefully to cut the pancakes and the banana decorations.

In science we explored frozen dinosaur eggs and had to work out how to set them free. We loved it when the ice fizzed! We were also excited to explore salt dough and we used it to make our own dinosaur fossils by printing their footprints and parts of their body. Once they are dry we will use them in a dinosaur dig!

Week 3 

The rainy weather this week has meant there have been lots of puddles around our outdoor area, so we’ve enjoyed getting mucky! We’ve been trying hard to zip up our own coats and put our wellies on ourselves.

We’ve listened to Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs this week to help us with our dinosaur themed learning. We made our own dinosaur sandwiches on Thursday, requesting our chosen spread using PECS and then carefully spreading with a knife. To finish off we used a dinosaur shaped cutter to cut our sandwich. Some of us tried our sandwiches after.

We’ve been learning about position this week and we’ve explored putting beanbags, dinosaurs and parts of our lunch in different places. We are working hard to follow positional language instructions.

We’ve enjoyed trips to our small garden where we’ve been making the most of the open space, taking turns on the tree swing and practising more positional language! 

Week 4 

This week we have been busy continuing our dinosaur themed learning for the term.

In art we have been exploring our handprints in paint to create the plates on a stegosaurus’ back. Our paintings look really effective and we loved getting our hands messy! Continuing our dinosaur theme in cooking we made ‘dinosaur poo’! We followed a recipe and made a playdough type poo concoction which we enjoyed playing with afterwards. It smelt interesting as the recipe asked us to put beef stock cubes in it!

In our literacy focus we have been listening to dinosaur rhymes and having a go at finding items in a dinosaur swamp that rhyme and matching objects we found to pictures.

In maths we have practised our positional language skills outdoors and trying to listen carefully and follow a positional instruction such as ‘put the dinosaur behind the shed’. We had good fun doing this which inspired lots of hide and seek games with peers. 

Week 5 

One of our highlights this week was holding a virtual circle and bucket time with our home learners. It was great to see one of our friends and we loved saying ‘hello’ to him! We are looking forward to doing it again next week!

In maths we have continued practising positional language and were also challenged to understand some directional instructions to. We played with dinosaurs in a town scene and had to take them or put them in different locations such as a shop, park or beach for example.

We listened to the story Dinosaurs Love Underpants and had fun designing our own pair of pants using stickers, coloured pencils and crayons. Some of us were then able to write labels to describe what we had added to our pants. Also in literacy we have played phonic listening games such as ‘Silly Soup’ and played interactive initial sound matching games, practising our sound recognition. 

Week 6 

We have reached the final week of another busy term!

This week we have been thinking about Chinese New Year which starts on Friday 12th February. We learnt a little bit about the celebrations such as dragon dancing parades, special red envelopes with money and lots of yummy food! To celebrate we have made paper lanterns in art and we had a themed day on Friday where we were able to taste noodles, prawn crackers and rice. We also had a go at developing our fine motor skills by threading beads onto chopsticks and cutting out celebration pictures.

In writing we enjoyed choosing an animal from the story of Chinese New Year and labelling some of their body parts that we could see such as eyes, ears, feet.

To bring a close to our dinosaurs topic we have been looking at and comparing the size of dinosaurs as part of our maths work. On Thursday we used our dinosaur masks that we made in art and we wore them to the ‘dinosaur disco’ in our PE session. 

Term 2

Week One

This week we have started our new topic ‘Let’s celebrate’. We have all returned to school very happy and excited about our learning. We have been busy with our rainbow challenges this week and our theme has been Fireworks. We have enjoyed creating ‘fizzing fireworks’, balloon rockets, breadstick sparklers and painting fireworks. We have also learnt how to follow simple instructions to make playdough, as well as counting sticks for our bonfire. This week we have also visited the school garden and soft play. This week in maths we have started to learn about money. We have visited our role play toy shop and a breakfast café. This term we are working on learning to exchange a coin for an item and will start to work on coin recognition. A busy first week for Turtle class.

Week Two

We have had a very busy week this week. We started the week by learning about Remembrance Sunday and we made a poppy reef in art. We also decorated biscuits using red icing and a chocolate button to make a poppy. On Wednesday we started to learn about the Harvest Festival and made leaf crowns, apple volcanoes and made vegetable prints using paint. On Friday we celebrated Children in Need with a Pudsey party! We started by writing invitations to our friends for our party. Some of us wore our pyjamas and we played lots of party games in PE. We also had a special golden time and got to eat a biscuit as a reward. Well done Turtles for a busy week of celebrating!

Week Three

We started the week by learning about Diwali. We made Henna patterns using paint in art and also Rangoli patterns using coloured rice. It has also been ‘Safety Week’ across the whole school. In Turtle class we have practised using our pretend zebra crossing in the playground to cross the road, we have learnt a song about stopping and looking when we cross the road and also played the traffic light game. We also have learnt about being a kind friend and that we are all different. To symbolise this we are all decorated two different socks. Lastly this week we have also spoke about being safe on the internet and asking an adult for help if we are unsure.  

Week Four

In Turtle class this week we have explored Thanksgiving through rainbow challenges and cooking. We have followed simple instructions to make cinnamon playdough, used leafs and paint to print onto a Turkey and played ‘Duck, Duck, Turkey’. We have also started to look at number recognition, simple addition and subtraction in Maths. This week in Breakfast Café we had added crumpets to our menu to try. These were a big hit and thoroughly enjoyed. In Breakfast Café we have continued to work on recognising coins and using money to exchange for an item.

Week Five

We have had a visitor join us this week in Turtles- our Elf on the shelf! We started the week by our Elf bringing us a present ‘There is an Elf in your book’. We have enjoyed sharing this story together in circle time this week. We have also decorated Turtle class this week with the children. We created a snowman out of cardboard and cotton wool balls and we turned our reading den into a winter wonderland. We are all very excited about starting to introduce Christmas! We have also started to write our Christmas lists ready for Santa. We used toy catalogues to look through and have worked on writing our names on these.

In cooking this week we worked on our utensils skills and made a sandwich for Santa! We could choose from soft cheese, lemon curd or honey. We also could choose from cucumber or cucumbers to cut for our sandwiches.

Week Six

Christmas preparations have continued in Turtle Class this week. We have completed marble painting for our calendar back grounds and had a photoshoot for our picture collages! We have also made our Christmas cards and written them to our families. Lastly we have made clay decorations for our presents for our families. This week we have also explored Hanukkah by making apple doughnuts in cooking.
In our rainbow challenges this week we have counted shaving foam snowmen, visited the toy shop to buy presents, made a Christmas den to share a story in and have explored the nativity story through a sensory tray. This week in Breakfast Café we tried brioche, again another new favourite!

Week Seven

It is our final week of term! This week we have enjoyed a Christmas disco in class. We listened to Christmas party songs, played party games and had a special snack. We have decorated biscuits like a bauble in cooking which was enjoyed by everyone. This week we decorated our tree outside with our wooden decorations that we made during forest school. We also have enjoyed our Christmas diner in class. We listened to Christmas music and ate our lunch with our peers and adult in class. We have had lots of Christmas fun this week and are finishing the term very excited for Christmas day! Have a lovely half term Turtles and a lovely Christmas. 

Term 1


Term one- Week One 

This week we have welcomed some Turtles back into class! We’ve settled back into our classroom routines and have been practising lots of safe handwashing practices. This term’s topic is ‘All about Me’, this week we worked on our name writing! We also enjoyed some time making face biscuits and used mirrors to make our own faces before eating our yummy biscuits. It was also Jamie’s birthday this week and enjoyed celebrating with a small party in class. Happy Birthday Jamie!

Term one- Week Two

We have welcomed the remaining Turtles back to class this week on a phased timetable to support us all to settle into school. We have concentrated on exploring our environment and learning the school routines. We have welcomed 6 new Turtles to class this year and are very excited for them to be a part of our class. This week during art have made clay hand prints and next week we will paint these ready to take home. We have also been completing ‘Bucket Group’ daily and have all enjoyed this activity. Our favourite toy in Bucket group this week was the bubble train! In Literacy this week, we worked hard on name writing again this week which we added to our fact files.

Term one- Week Three

We had a scientific start to this week, exploring our senses of touch and taste! The lemons and limes were really sour but we also enjoyed trying some basil and thyme. We also enjoyed using our sense of smell to explore making potions using herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and mint.  We also had soft play this week – we enjoyed sharing the slide and taking turns on the trampoline. We all worked hard at the rainbow challenges this week- we particularly enjoyed making faces on the playdough mats and using different tools to make bubbles. We have also started our workboxes this week. This is a box of activities that support us to begin to work independently on a task. All Turtles completed this activity this week and did brilliantly!

Term one- Week Four

This week was another exciting week exploring our likes and dislikes. We worked with an adult to decide things that we wanted adults to know for our ‘All about me’ board in class. This is a board that displays our 3 likes and dislikes which helps new adults visiting us get to know us quickly. We made fruit smoothies in cooking, working on our preparation skills and cutlery skills. We also were challenged to make our houses with Duplo blocks and went on a sound hunt around the Coral Reef outside area!

Term one- Week Five

This week we have enjoyed lots of role play activities. We have acted our ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ at playtimes and in the garden. We have also enjoyed our role play ‘Three Little Pigs’ challenge. We made straw, stick and brick houses to test which was the strongest. We enjoyed taking turns to use Purple Mash to explore making different music and used different sensory items to make our own musical instruments. We also had the opportunity to create a picture of our self by requesting colours that we liked. We also explored the bikes playground this week and took turns sharing the bikes, scooters and diddy cars.

Term on- Week Six

This week we enjoyed making face pizzas and ate them for a special snack – they were delicious! This week we visited the big school garden for the first time and loved it. Before we went to the garden we thought about what clothing we might need and with adult support we got ready for the adventure. Whilst we were there we wanted the allotment, dug up some soil, explored the forest area and took turns on the swing and see saw. We are all very excited to visit again.  We have continued with our workboxes over the term and have amazed the adults with how brilliantly we can all now sit to complete our tasks. Because we have been so brilliantly, for a special reward in golden time this week we all received a Halloween party blower to play with!

Term one- Week Seven

It’s the last week of term, how time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve had lots of Halloween activities this week. We’ve shared brooms and pretended we are witches and wizards flying around, and carved some pumpkins. We have also celebrated Oliver’s birthday this week as it falls in half term- Happy Birthday Oliver! Well done Turtles for settling into class and working so hard. You have made us all very proud, have a lovely half term and can’t wait to see you next term!