Chalet School


Starfish Class News

Term 6

Starfish have had a lot of fun exploring our topic ‘Our Place in Space’ this term. We really enjoyed our planetarium visit – it was fascinating to see the stars and the planets move above us! We have also been having fun during our weekly WOW days, including days of music activities (including making our own musical instruments, discovering sounds, and parachute games), art activities (including making puffy paint planets, space rockets and fizzing moon rocks) and science activities (including exploding rockets, floating and sinking experiments and chemical reactions).

We have continued our space theme into other areas of our learning and have been exploring the concept of forwards and backwards in maths, writing cards to aliens in writing, and practicing our writing on twinkling stars in phonics.

It has been a busy, fun-filled term and we have enjoyed meeting some of our new classmates too!

Term 5

 We have had lots of fun in Starfish this term exploring our topic ‘around the world’. We have learned about the flags of different countries in maths and English activities and have been exploring foods from all around the world in cooking. We have tried croissants and fairy bread and made pizza and sandwiches.

In maths, we have been using vehicles to help us learn about place value and to help us understand positional language.

Our sensory story has been Meerkat Mail, and in writing we have been writing post cards from the places the main character visits! We have also been having fun mark making in different materials.

We really enjoyed our visit from Zoolab in the last week of term and meeting and petting all the different animals!

We have been taking our learning outside the classroom a lot this term and have enjoyed helping to get the garden ready to plant seeds, as well as learning about the lifecycle of a sunflower and planting our own sunflower seeds!

Term 4

This term in Starfish we have had lots of fun exploring fire and ice. It was lovely when all our friends came back into school and we have been playing lots of games together and making happy memories. We have explored ice by experiencing flavoured, scented and coloured ice, frozen shaving foam and pretended to splash in water like penguins. Fire was experienced fire by creating volcanoes, using flint to make sparks and making hot chocolate. We have learnt a dance called ‘hot, hot, hot’ and have learnt how to be safe around hot items.

We have enjoyed forest school sessions with our new garden teacher Nick Smith. We have used a range of tools to get toys out of ice, built fires, made and drank hot chocolates and played lots of games with our friends. We have built dens and gone on scavenger hunts.

In Maths, we have been learning about the concept ‘more’ and have been learning about addition and subtraction. Our favourite activities have been completing sums using ice cubes and exploring the size of different artic animals.

In English, we have enjoyed our sensory story based on the story Lost and Found. We learnt the sequence of the story and could read our story. We have been drawing pictures from our story and have wrote words and sentences to describe the pictures we have drawn.

We have celebrated lots of special events this term. We learnt about internet safety day and know how to ask for help from adults. We celebrated red nose day by having a disco and making cakes with our friends. We enjoyed Autism awareness week by exploring our likes and interests. We enjoyed sharing with our parents what we are proud of achieving this term. We all loved the colour run and having an end of term party.

This term we have met Kyra and have enjoyed getting to know her. She has been playing games with us and helped us make penguins using tubes. We are looking forward to getting to know her more next term.

Term 3 

Our term topic has been ‘Dinosaurs’. We have been learning about lots of different Dinosaurs and have had the opportunity to explore how Dinosaurs move during PE sessions. We have used Dinosaurs during art and cooking sessions, where we made fossils with Dino footprints and created a forest backgrounds for our Dinosaurs to live it.  

We have been very lucky to have had some sessions in the garden, where we were able to practice our turn taking skills and explore the garden with the new forest school leader! We have also been using the outside area to engage in a range of sensory sessions including mark making with chalk, bubble bath play, painting and many more fun activities.  

During maths this term we have been building our understanding of “more”, counting to 3/5, recognising numbers and joining in with counting rhymes. Starfish have explored a range of stories and have followed along with an adult during story time. We have also enjoyed our Dinosaur sensory story where we have been imagining what it would have been like to be a Dinosaur!  

Starfish have enjoyed a range of bucket groups this term and some of us have managed to sit for stage one, two and three! We have enjoyed watching volcanos erupt, shaving foam splat and lightening for our stage two and some of us have participated in egg splat, syrup swirl and foam hands for stage three!   

Term 2

Our term topic has been ‘Let’s Celebrate’ where we have celebrated lots of different celebrations, including Bonfire Night, Diwali, Halloween, Children in Need and Christmas. We have explored our senses through sensory exploration and have focused on expressing our likes and dislikes.

We had lots of fun during safety week. We celebrated anti-bulling day and thought about what makes a good friend. We practiced taking turns with our friends and painting pictures together. We learnt about road safety and practiced using a range of crossings and sang road safety songs.  We also learnt about online safety. We played lots of games and talked about who we can ask to help us.

Starfish have really enjoyed celebrating Christmas! We have decorated our class Christmas tree with our friends and have made lots of Christmas decorations, including salt dough ornaments, baubles and wooden decorations. We have made crackers and pulled them with our friends. We also wrapped lots of presents and created handmade wrapping paper. We have been singing ‘we wish you a Merry Christmas’ and have enjoyed learning the signs. We sang the song in the school garden and put our wooden decorations on the Christmas tree. We have loved learning a new Christmas dough disco song and a highlight of the term has been our Christmas disco.

Term 1


Starfish had a great first term back in school! We enjoyed meeting new friends and getting to know each other.  We have starting making friendships and exploring the classroom and outside spaces together. We have completed lots of rainbow challenges, some of our favourites have been making bubbles, building car ramps and our fizzing lemons experiment.

We have enjoyed spending time in the school garden with Ruth Parsons. We made leaf bracelets, played chasing games and spent time looking for animals. We got very muddy when looking for frogs!

This term we have made lots of playdough that are different flavours and smells. We were brilliant at taking turns when cooking and sharing the ingredients. We have used the playdough to complete daily dough disco session and enjoy learning new songs. 

We ended the term by celebrating Halloween. We enjoyed exploring pumpkins and painting activities. Our favourite activity was making a pumpkin lava lamp.

 We are looking forward to having more fun together next term!