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Seahorse Class News

Term 6

All the children have enjoyed this terms topic – Our Place in Space. The children have engaged in a variety of space themed activities.

Week 1

The children started the term with a space café, items on the menu included space dogs, and alien cereal. Through songs and stories, the children also learnt the names of the planets in the solar system and all the children used the iPads to find out facts about the planets too! They worked together to designed vehicles that would help them to explore the surface of the planets and then made them using junk modelling. 


Week 2

The children enjoyed helping to turn the Wendy house into their own space rocket; the children all enjoyed dressing up as astronauts. It was lovely to observe all the children work together to drive the rocket to different planets. The children also continued to learn about the planets and enjoyed creating their own aliens out of playdough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. 

Week 3

In writing this week the children made a list of items they would take if they visited the moon, items included slime, cake and flowers. It was great to see the children motivated to write and use their phonics knowledge within their writing activity. All the children enjoyed joining in the make music WOW day and have taken part in a disco, creating their own music and making a musical instrument. 

Week 4

During maths this week, the children have all shown a good understanding of subtraction and have been able to show this through their play. Amazing work Seahorse! The children enjoyed being introduced to new attention autism toys during bucket group especially the bubble rocket. It been great to observe the children being able to wait their turn and praise their friends. 

Week 5

The children enjoyed learning about the first man on the moon this week and enjoyed creating their own flag they would put on the moon. The children have enjoyed the science WOW day this week. They have been exploring the craters on the moon and have created their own using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. All the children followed the instructions and waited their turn. On Thursday, everyone enjoyed attending the planetarium and exploring the stars and planets. 

Week 6

The children continued learning about the first man on the moon this week. They enjoyed making moon sand using Widgit instructions. During cooking the children have been exploring colours and shapes of different planets and have been busy creating planet biscuits. They have all enjoyed using decorations to make sure their planets are accurate! 

Amazing Work Seahorse Class, you should all be very proud of everything you have achieved this year. Have a wonderful summer holiday. 

Term 5

 Seahorse Class Term 5 Blurb

All the children have settled back into the class routine this term. The children have continued to develop existing and building new relationships with peers and adult. It’s been great to see the children working together as part of the classes rainbow challenges to create the great wall of China and the tallest sandcastle!

As a class we have been exploring a country or continent a week through multi-sensory experiences and rainbow challenges throughout the term. 

Week 1 – Europe

The children started the term in London, where they learnt about the famous monuments and places in the capital city. The children enjoyed reading Mr Men go to London as a whole class. To broaden their knowledge of Europe the children looked at flags of countries from Europe. The children then collaged European flags as part of the rainbow challenges.

Week 2 – China

The children enjoyed using chopsticks to pick up objects, including small world toys, cubes and food items. All the children engaged well in tasting Chinese food which included noodle, prawn crackers, and different sauces. The children worked together to create the Great Wall of China using Lego, it was great to see the children praise each other once they had finished.

Week 3 – Australia

The children enjoyed listening to Australian songs and rhymes. They all designed their own boomerangs and played frisbee with their friends. Along with exploring native animals through small world play. The children explored different painting techniques to create the Australian flag.

Week 4 – Africa

The children loved going on safari this week. We learnt about the animals, played top trumps and explored a safari scene in the tuff tray. The children all took part in exotic fruit tasting and baked a lime cake during the cooking session. After the fruit tasting the children discussed their favourite fruit; most children liked them all, but the outstanding winner was the pomegranate seeds, which the children requested for snack the following day!

Week 5 – Brazil

The children enjoyed taking part in the carnival celebrations this week and created a mask to take to our own carnival at the end of the week. The children also enjoyed learning about the rainforest and played a rain forest bingo together. The children enjoyed leaf printing and drawing their own leaves as part of the attention autism bucket group sessions this week.

Week 6 – USA

The children have enjoyed listening to the states of America song on the whiteboard. It great to hear the children starting to sing the song during busy time. The children have all enjoyed our role play fast food restaurant in the outdoor provision and its great to see all the children work together to create food items for the menu using playdough. To end the week the children had an extra special snack, where the adults changed the classroom into a diner. The children enjoyed ordering milkshakes, ice cream, pancakes and waffles. 

To end the term Zoolab visited the school with a variety of animals from around the world, the children loved learning about millipedes, snakes, snails and cockroaches. The whole class were very engaged throughout the session and also very gentle when it was there turn to touch the animals. 

Amazing Work Seahorse Class! 

We look forward to next terms topic Our Place in Space.

Term 4

It’s been great to have all the children return to Seahorse class this term. The children have focused on rebuilding and developing relationships with peers and adult. It’s been great to see all the children joining in with chase on the playground and most recently tag.  All the children have adapted to the new routine and are washing their hands at the beginning of the school day. It’s been great to see the children engaging different activities and learning tasks, along with having a go at completing our class the rainbow challenges too.

The children have all enjoyed exploring the topic, Fire and Ice, through muIti-sensory experiences. For ice, we have created our own sock penguins in art, created our own igloos as part of a rainbow challenge using sugar cubes and have learnt about famous polar explorers too. The children all loved using Mr Frosty to make their own slush drink and were great at taking turns to crush the ice! The children have explored ice during busy time and in the school garden with Nick the children explored the best way to break up the ice using natural objects.

The children have learnt about the Great Fire of London in History and have engaged in a variety of marking making opportunities to create a fires picture, including paint, chalks and pastels. The children have been able to order the events from the Great fire of London which have support their understand of time in maths. The children’s favourite task of the topic was using the water pistols and spray bottles to put out a painted fire on the tuff tray. Seahorse class were all able to follow adult’s instruction in the school garden when Nick used the Kelly Kettle to boil water to make hot chocolate for the class.

For world book day, the children listened to and shared their favourite books with each other and chose an activity to complete, some chose to make a bookmark and other enjoyed searching of characters and objects in books as part of a scavenger hunt. It was great to see the children choose their own task and work together.

It was great to see the children wearing red to celebrate Red Nose Day together. The children enjoyed baking cakes as part of a whole class activity. The children were great at follow the instructions and waiting their turn.

To celebrate World Autism week, the children have all create puzzle all about themselves, their likes and dislikes, including everything that makes them unique. They all loved taking part in the colour run on Tuesday morning and were great at following the instructions and loved the different coloured paints.

Great Work Seahorse Class!

We look forward to next terms topic All around the world.

Term 3

The children who have returned to school in Seahorse class have returned focused and ready to learn. It’s been great to see the children engaging all the learning tasks and most recently challenging themselves during busy time.

Seahorse class have been missing their peers who have been home learning and all the children have been benefitting from seeing each other and taking part in our live lesson on a Thursday. All the children have engaged throughout each session and have been incredible at listening to the instructions and finding objects for our scavenger hunts. As a result of these live lessons, the children in school have been motivated to send letters, photos and pictures to their friends learning at home. We all get very excited when we receive letters and photos of the children learning from home. Great work Seahorse Class!

In English Seahorse class reading dinosaur stories and have begun to explore nonfiction books to find out information about different dinosaurs. The children have enjoyed enjoying the story ‘The Dinosaur the Pooped a Planet’ and have all had a go at retelling the story through role play. Most recently the children the children have used a story map to write the main parts of the story in order. This was a challenge for all the children but with their determination all children were able to persevere with the task and complete it!

In Phonics this term the children have enjoyed choosing their own learning tasks around phase 2 and 3 phonics. We have been on letter hunts in the sand, writing the graphemes in sensory trays, along with playing phonics inspired board games and most recently accessing phonics games on Purple Mash as a whole class.

In maths we have continued to increase our knowledge of addition and subtraction. The children have been completing number sentences, missing number sums and have enjoyed challenging themselves to complete word problems involving money and measures. All the children have enjoyed continuing repeating patterns and making their own. We have explored both 2D and 3D shapes. The children have enjoyed playing the shape quizzes on Purple Mash along with making shape dinosaurs from playdough and junk modelling.

The children have all loved the dinosaur topic! They have been captivated with watching Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures to learn about the different dinosaurs. In art the children have learnt about pointillism artwork and worked together to make a dinosaur scene. We have explored printing using dinosaur footprints and enjoyed the challenge of creating Andy’s time machine clock. This artwork has sparked the children’s imagination and all of them have enjoyed going on their own dinosaur adventures throughout the term.

Amazing work Seahorse Class!  

Term 2

This term Seahorse class have been continuing to enjoy their outdoor provision during busy time. They have continued to practice the skills of waiting and taking turns with the new basketball net, large skittles and target throw game.

It has also been a busy term for Seahorse class in the school garden with Ruth. All the children have engaged in harvesting the last of the vegetables in the allotments and have helped Ruth weave more willow onto the lion.  All the children demonstrated they can be safe when using the saw in the school garden, each children cut disks which they decorated for the Christmas tree. At the end of term the children all toasted marshmallows and crumpets around a small fire in the garden. All the children followed the adult’s instructions to stay safe. Great work Seahorses!

In English Seahorse class have been creating cards and lists to support our writing.  The children have explore Clicker 8 to create thank you cards as part of our harvest celebrations and it’s been great to see all the children motivated to write their Christmas lists. We have all continued to practice our letter formation through sensory play.

In maths we have been learning about the operations addition and subtraction. We have all enjoyed using Lego bricks to help work out the answers to our number sums. It’s been lovely to hear all the children join in with songs and rhymes about the days of the week and months of the year. Most recently the children have enjoyed purchasing their own snack using real money.

To celebrate Harvest festival the class re-enacted the story of the Little Red Hen. As a class we also baked bread in the shape of Pudsey bear. It was very yummy! Seahorse class enjoyed the pyjama day to celebrate Children in need and enjoyed the party afternoon. All the children engage in party games including pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the nose on Pudsey and a dancing competition.

During the Safety week in November the children have all learnt about being a kind friend and as a group agreed a set of class golden rules. The whole class also enjoyed going out the zebra crossing and practicing the skill of crossing the road safely. We also learnt about internet safety and all the children were able to name one adult they would go to if they needed help online.

Christmas celebrations hit Seahorse class when Chippy the elf returned for December, all the children have enjoyed trying to find him hiding in class each day. The children have enjoyed decorating the classroom, with paperchains. Most recently the children have decorated stockings and hats, ready for the class party. All the children have enjoyed singing Christmas songs too!

What a busy term we have had Seahorse Class!

Term 1


This term we have had lots of fun and have enjoyed exploring Seahorse class, especially the improved outside environment which includes a Wendy house and a huge mud kitchen. We have all settled in well and developed new and existing friendships. We have been embedding the new routines in class with the help of our individual schedules and we have all been trying hard to following instructions. This term we have introduced personal marble jars for each child and everyone is keen to fill them up to earn special prizes which included a party at the end of term. 

As a whole class we have taken part in a number of sensory activities, the messier the better! In art we painted a huge piece of paper using our hands and feet. During bucket sessions the children have waited their turn to create egg splats using paint.  In science we all helped to have created a volcano and waited our turn to help make the volcano erupt, before splitting into small groups to explore the different ingredients to see which made the biggest explosion! Most recently we have carved peppers and pumpkins; we all took turns to remove the pumpkin seeds before designing a face to cut out.

We have all benefitted from exploring the updated class sensory room and have enjoyed finding out how the sensory toys work. We have all had opportunities to explore the room individual and in small groups.

We have been mark making in the outdoor environment using mud, sand, water and shaving foam. We have also been practicing writing out full names as part of our work station activities. We have been counting to 100 and recognising numbers. We have all enjoyed adding numbers together and have even started to subtract.

Well Done Seahorse Class!

We are all looking forward to next term and our new topic, Let’s celebrate!