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Primary Local Governing Committee Combined Information for The Chalet School and Brimble Hill School.

Name  Role Date of Appointment Date of Expiry
Mark Westen Chair
Co-opted Governor
13.11.2019 13.11.2023
Katie Bellamy Parent Governor
Brimble Hill School
15.06.2020 14.06.2024
Pete Crockett Co-opted Governor
03.05.2021 03.05.2025
Gemma Neighbour Parent Governor
The Chalet School
22.02.2022 21.02.2026
Andy Hannath Parent Governor
Brimble Hill School
16.06.2022 15.06.2026
Alison Paul OBE Ex-Officio
Head of Brimble Hill School
Helena Knight Ex-Officio
Head of The Chalet School
Governors who have resigned in the past 12 months: Terms of Reference:

Mandy McAplpine - July 2022

John Bird - July 2022

Tracey Gibson - June 2022
Sachin Kotalwar - Feb 2022

Pragati Gupta - November 2021

Pardeep Basi - October 2021
Katy Tolley - May 2021

2 Head Teachers
1 Staff Governor
6 Co-opted Governors
3 parent Governors
2 Ex-Officio Head Teachers
Terms of Office: 4 years

Governance Information:

Declaration of Interests 2021/2022

Attendance Register 2020/2021

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The Chair of Governors can be contacted via email on or via the School Office. 

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Key Governance Information
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