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Jellyfish Class News

Term 6

Week One

It’s the final term of the school year, and we are all very excited to see what this term teaches us and brings. This term’s topic is ‘Our Place in Space’ and we get to learn all about the solar system. This week in PSHE we have learnt about Mutual Respect and ways we can be respectful to each other in Jellyfish Class. We’ve also been introduced to our topic book for the first half of the term – ‘Space Tortoise’ which is about a tortoise to who is trying to find friends using Big Ben as a rocket – we all thought it was a little silly. We’ve also been introduced to the zones of regulation this week to discuss our feelings. The Green zone means we feel happy and ready to learn. Blue is when we feel a little tired or sad. Yellow is when we feel worried or excited. Red is for when we feel angry or extremely excited. All of Jellyfish have worked hard this week to use this method to discuss our emotions and find a way to help regulate ourselves. We can’t wait to what we learn next week.

Week Two

Its been a very hot and summery week this week and we’ve enjoyed another week about space. In Computing this week we enjoyed watching a real life rocket launch and created our own algorithms to successfully launch a rocket. We’ve also enjoyed listening to stories read by astronauts at the end of the school day as well whilst they have been on the International Space Station which has been mesmerising as everything has been floating around them. In writing this week, we compiled a list of ten items we would take to space with us – some of the things we wanted to take were; school, Beanie Boos, sweets, Pillows. In cooking this week we made some lovely rocket biscuits and took these home to share with parents. In PSHE this week we’ve began to think about ways to be respectful around school and written sentences about the things that are important to us to be respectful about. We’ve also worked hard to complete our rainbow challenges this week, our favourite was saying hello to each other in an alien language. It was very funny!  We are so excited for another space filled week next week.


Week Three

It’s Week 3 already and boy has time flown by! This week we’ve enjoyed a whole variety of space themed activities and we even introduced a Music WOW Day. We spent our Friday completing some activities based around making music and musical instruments! We even enjoyed a special snack as part of our WOW day as well! In Maths this week we worked hard on multiplication, using the counting teddies and cubes to create arrays to show our working out as well. We even made some great

Week Four

Week four, which means we are half way through the term already! This week we enjoyed an Art WOW day, where we explored using different mediums to create art pieces. We junk modelled some great rockets, using coffee filters and felt tip pens we were able to make some planets for our space display board and even used the interactive whiteboard to create our designs for the different planets. In Writing this week

Week Five

Another fun filled week in Jellyfish this week, and we’ve enjoyed even more super special activities this week! On Wednesday we had a science themed WOW day where we explore a whole variety of science experiments and made some great predictions around what we thought would happen! We as a class especially enjoyed the fizzy coke experiment and the skittles experiment.  On Thursday we also enjoyed a visit from the Planetarium and was able to show off all the information we know about the planets and galaxies in our solar system – we even were lucky enough to learn about Constellations!

Week Six

There’s only two weeks left of this term, and this week has certainly been jam packed! Some of us have met our new class teacher this week and started making a poster about ourselves to give to our new teachers! In cooking this week we made Pizza’s with Mandy and even got to taste some if we liked! It was super hot at the end of the week so we enjoyed lots of water play and sensory play in the sun. We all worked super hard this week to gain lots of marbles in preparation for our Space themed reward afternoon!

Week Seven

It’s the final week of term and we’ve spent the week reminiscing and making lots of fond memories with our Jellyfish friends. We’ve enjoyed a Jellyfish sports day, our reward day and even a class party. We took part in a scavenger hunt on our class party day to find our end of term treats from the adults of Jellyfish Class. We’ve all enjoyed a fabulous last term together and can’t wait to see what the next academic year brings us!

Term 5

 Week One

It’s a new term, HOORAY! This terms topic is ‘All around the world’ and each week we will be exploring a different country each child has chosen through our learning. This week’s country is England! In Music this week, we listened to the national anthem of England and discussed the pitch and tempo. We made St George’s day biscuits in cooking, they looked like dragons and were very yummy! We also began to learn about different places in England, our favourite place to learn about was London, especially the red buses and all the landmarks. For art this week, we made our own ST George’s shields and designed them with something thought would protect us.

Week Two

Ciao and welcome to Italy this week! In maths this week we explored flags, looking at the different shapes in each country’s flag and discuss the properties of the shapes we found. We wrote a postcard to each other in our literacy sessions, telling our friends something they would have like about England or Italy. This week we made pizzas, naturally as Italy is the home of Pizza, and they were even better than we expected! We learnt about different climates in geography this week and discuss how the climate from Italy is very different from England, we all agreed we would rather live in Italy with the lovely sun! In PE this week we enjoyed playing Shark Attack and the Video Game activities, we all loved having to pause and pull a funny face.

Week Three

This week’s country was Cameroon, and it was exciting to learn that they speak English and French in this country! In computing this week, we worked hard on using algorithms to help make sure the planes could take off safely from the runways. We also discussed the different methods you could use in order to travel around the world. In maths this week, we worked our ability to do divisions. Using a variety of counting teddies, unifix cubes we were able to divide groups of numbers into groups of 2 or 4. We also wrote a travel diary for this week and explored different travel brochures and looked at holidays we dreamed we could go on.

Week Four

Konichwa and welcome to this week’s country Japan. For this week we were all challenged to try some Sweet Chilli rice crackers, some of us like them but others said they were a little too spicy! We listened to the Japanese national anthem this week and even learnt about traditional Japanese drumming music as well – it was very soothing and made us all sleepy! For phonics this week we explored the school garden and took part in a tricky word scavenger hunt. In maths we did some great addition and subtraction using number lines and even challenged ourselves.

Week Five

G’day Mate and welcome to Australia. In Geography this week we learnt about the different oceans in the world and discuss which animals you would find in these oceans. For literacy this week we all wrote a sentence about our favourite country this week to make a Jellyfish newspaper, it was to learn about everyone’s favourite country – we all loved Italy and Australia. In bucket group this week, in our Stage 3 work we all had the chance to make our own national anthem which was super fun. For music this week we learnt that Australia has two national anthems and discussed the difference in pitch and tempo between both anthems.

Week Six

It’s the final week of term, but we were busy learning about Argentina and Canada. On Tuesday we had a special treat afternoon, where we met lots of cool minibeasts and a snack call Dolly Python when Zoolab came in. We were all extremely brave and even stroked some super creepy crawlies. After working hard all term and earning all our marbles in our marble jar we had a continental treat whilst we enjoyed our favourite activities.  This week we tried Maple Syrup, which was surprisingly better than Golden Syrup we have on pancakes! This week in Literacy we created fact files about one of the countries we learnt about. Jellyfish is extremely excited about seeing what we will learn about next term, something tells us it will be out of this world.

Term 4

Week 1

It’s Term 4 and we’ve got a super exciting new topic this term, it’s Fire and Ice! We had a fantastic garden session the first day back at school with our new Forest School Leader Nick, he took us back to the Stone Ages and we learnt all about different techniques they would have used to start a fire. We all did such super listening to understand how to safely and effectively use all the different tools Nick brought with him. In English we were introduced to our new class story, ‘The Runaway Iceberg’ and made some predictions on what we thought would happen in the story. (There were some funny suggestions of what people thought would happen). In Cooking this week, we created our own shopping lists for our Pancake Day celebrations and could decorate the top of our pancakes independently, they were super yummy! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the term brings!

Week 2

It’s been another fun filled and busy week this week in Jellyfish class, we had not one but two special events this week; Safer Internet Day and World Book Day. For Safer Internet day were learnt about all the ways we can be safe on the internet, what to do if we come across something that makes us feel uncomfortable and made our own set of class rules on how to access the internet safely. On Thursday for world book day, we all enjoyed dressing up as some of our favourite book characters and enjoyed the various forms stories can come in. We all particularly enjoyed listening to Amy read Funny Bones in the tent together and used the torches to make it all feel a little spooky! Everyone also earned 5 marbles each during World Book Day by doing some super story sharing and taking part in the book scavenger hunt!

Week 3

We’ve had a little bit of normality this week in Jellyfish class, with all the children being back in school full time again, YAY! We’ve all missed each other so much and loved being back together as a group of 6! We had a lovely garden session on Monday with Nick, learning about how to lay a fire safely and what types of sticks we need to use to start a fire. We all took part in collecting a whole variety of small, medium and large sized sticks and focused on finding sticks that had the right ‘snap’ to it. This week we were preparing for Mother’s Day and made some lovely Mother’s Day cards to take home as well. We explored for science this week how we can take different objects out of blocks of Ice using a variety of tools.

Week 4

This week has been another fun filled week, and we’ve settled back into our class routines as a group of 6 again! This week we have set up different groups for the swings so we can all take turns on our favourite swings and even have a class line order in place now to help us take turns in the line! We’ve also enjoyed celebrating Red Nose Day this week, we had a lovely Scavenger hunt to search for a special Red bag of sweets and discussed what Red Nose day is for and how it helps people. We have also enjoyed ordering our class story this we and used pictures to sequence and retell the story in our own words. 

Week 5

Another fabulous week in Jellyfish Class, this week we created our new class rules for Jellyfish class and all contributed one rule each that we think is important to be kind and to keep us safe! We’ve also begun to start our countdown to Easter and begun some special Easter Crafts to take home with us to show off to our Mum’s and Dad’s. We’ve also done some great sharing and turn taking this week, all the Jellyfish adults have the biggest smiles on their faces! We can’t wait to see what fun we can enjoy on the last few days of term.

Week 6

Hooray, it’s the last week of term! We’ve worked hard over this last term to earn all our marbles in our Marble Jar and enjoyed our reward morning having a picnic and tent to enjoy Hop to put us in the mood for Easter! We’ve also enjoyed celebrating Autism Awareness Week this week and discussed how we can help and support each other when we are feeling down or upset. The children have all done super sharing and turn taking this week allowing everyone to enjoy lots of time in the gym equipment and on the swings! On Tuesday, we had the colour run which was lots of fun and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching all the colours being thrown in the air! We can’t wait to learn about all the countries we have chosen for next terms topic All Around the World.

Term 3 


Week One 

It’s been a very strange first week back at school, we’ve moved to a new classroom and have some new friends in with us too. We’ve all coped well with the changes to our routine and helped to create our own set of class rules to be kind and stay safe in our new classroom. This week we made biscuits in cooking and enjoyed how they tasted. We also enjoyed some turn taking games especially Monopoly and Uno. We enjoyed some rainbow challenges this week and created some lovely Dinosaur foot print Suncatchers to put on the windows, everyone has enjoyed watching the colours shine through the Windows.  

Week Two 

Week 2 brought some fun new activities for us, we started working out with Joe Wicks and enjoyed some wake and shake using Just Dance. We made some Dinosaur egg rice Krispy treats – choosing which colour and shapes we wanted to make them. We also completed some tricky tasks within our workboxes focusing on our fine motor skills and writing skills. We also enjoyed making our own characters to use as part of game to play against each other. We had some super funny game show phrases used and raced Toy Story Characters, Dragons and My Little Ponies against each other.  Some children also enjoyed building our new Art Gallery full of pictures that have made us all happy.  

Week Three 

This week we’ve enjoyed making Dinosaur Skeleton art using black paper and white straws, we all tried and new or different food to what we would usually eat at home. We also enjoyed sharing poems between us and a friend, especially the poems about the Dinosaurs. In literacy, we worked together to write a poem about Dinosaurs, we used some fun adjectives to describe how big the dinosaur was or how it looked. We also created a Volcano this week, watching the eruption and discussing what we thought would happen if we mixed the vinegar and bicarbonate soda together.  

Week Four 

In Week Four our rainbow challenges have all be focused around Burns Night and learning about all things Scottish. We all particularly enjoyed the Highland Games – we played the ‘Noodle Toss’, Sprints, Highland Dancing and Bean Bag throwing. We all took part well and tolerated when we didn’t win. We also spoke about what we like about our friends and wrote some lovely speech bubbles about what we like about them. We also made our own tartans using different strips of paper and created our own patterns using an over and under technique to create them. For some of us this was really relaxing and we even tolerated the glue on our hands!  

Week Five 

This week is Children’s Mental Health week, and we worked on all the positive ways we can think about ourselves. Identifying our favourite things about our self, things we like to do and people that we love. It was our first Jellyfish online Circle this week and it was so lovely to see our friends who aren’t at school and to hear all the amazing things they have been learning about at home – We especially like the SUPER long Space story written. We also enjoyed a super messy Bucket group where we all got to splat a ‘Shaving Foam Cupcake’, it went EVERYWHERE. Can’t wait for the last week of term.  

Week Six.  

This week we’ve learnt about Valentine’s Day and discussed what love can mean to us (Some of us think of Oreo’s when we think of love). We also learnt about Chinese New Year and found out that it is the year of the Ox this year. Some of us enjoyed tasting some Chinese food – we especially liked the prawn crackers. In cooking this week we made healthy pizzas, making the dough and choosing which toppings we would like on top. It was a friend’s birthday this week, we enjoyed some Toy Story music and Toy Story cake and played some party games, he even gave us all a party bag as well. We’ve had a fun filled last week of term and can’t wait to see what we learn next term!  

Term 2

We are all so proud of how hard your children have worked throughout this busy term. We have continued to carry on building our friendships and working on our turn taking.

We have looked at Halloween, Bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Harvest Festival, Diwali, Children in Need, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and had Safety week.

The children are really enjoying their Bucket group sessions and are engaged, listening, watching and waiting to see what is going to happen next!

We still enjoy being outside and having time in the garden and in our outside area. We are enjoying the weekly Rainbow Challenges and trying to get our certificates each week.

We have been drumming with Luke on a Friday and we are really pleased with how well the children are joining in and understanding that they all can’t win the game of 11’s.

We enjoy cooking and have been working on looking at the recipe and working together and we hope you have enjoyed the biscuits that come home on Fridays.

We have been busy with our Christmas activities, including making decorations with Ruth in the garden, calendar & cards and singing Christmas songs.

Have a lovely Christmas break and next term we will be looking at Dinosaurs for our topic.


Jellyfish Team

Term 1


It was so good to see all the children start in Jellyfish Class after such a long time out of school for many of the children. We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and playing together to build new and rebuild existing friendships.

One of our favourite places to play this term has been the school garden. We have spent a lot of time learning new games and helping each other understand the rules of the new games. One of our favourite games to play is Stuck in the Mud and the children really liked asking one of the adults to be ‘The Mudder’. The children never get caught! For our reward at the end of the term we had a camping day in the school garden too. This was so much fun. We put up a tent and lit a fire so that we could toast marshmallows and make Smores. The children learnt how to be safe around the fire and all followed the rules really well.

Being outside is so much fun and most of the children have been practicing riding a bike. They know that they have to wear a helmet to keep them safe and they have been following the road markings on the school playground to make sure that they can steer safely and stop safely.

We have cooked lots of different things. In cooking, we have been learning to follow the recipe and to share the utensils and ingredients that we have. It has been great to share our finished products with our families at the end of the week.

It has been a fab term and we are looking forward to Term 2 where our topic is ‘Let’s Celebrate’.