Jellyfish Class News


Jellyfish Class Term 6 2021-2022

 This term Jellyfish Class have been learning about the topic ‘full steam ahead’. During our geography lessons we have been looking at different modes of transport and what types of transport we have used before. We also looked up different countries, made a fact sheet about our favourite country and thought about how we might travel around the world. In art we used junk modelling to make different modes of transportation and coloured pictures in pop art style. During our school garden session’s, we have been making transport from natural resources, such as cars from logs and sticks. We even used a hand drill and drilled our own wheels!

Every Monday this term have been visiting the UET farm and taking part in animal care and earth care. We have been learning how to care for the animals by cleaning out the chicken and bunny enclosures, grooming the pony and feeding all the animals. We also tended to the farms garden by watering it, picking the vegetables and herbs and then trying them ourselves.

We have enjoyed trips outside of the school to visit the local shop and local park. On our way to the shop we practiced our road safety skills and had a look at different community signs that we knew. At the park we listened to the adult’s safety rules and shared the equipment with our friends. Jellyfish Class and Octopus Class visited the Prospect Hospice to look at the artwork they made together. They enjoyed visiting the garden, eating some homemade cakes and talking to the nurses. The Year 6’s enjoyed the Willow Trust Boat Trip where they spent the day on a canal boat and even had a chance to drive it!

Throughout the term we have had opportunities to invite parents to events. We had a whole school sports afternoon and joined in with many different activities, such as circus skills, a water carry, trampolining and parachute games. We had a trip out of the school to Coate Water for a teddy bears picnic with our class and parents. Everybody enjoyed a turn on the miniature railway!

Towards the end of term, The Year 6’s have been on transitions to their new schools in preparation for September. They joined in with activities at their new schools and could meet their new teachers. The rest of the class joined in with a whole school transition afternoon with parents to visit their new classes. They are all very excited about September!

On our last day we had a whole class party with games, gifts and a pinata! Well done Jellyfish Class for a fantastic year! You have all made amazing progress and memories. Enjoy your summer break and rest ready for the new school year!

Jellyfish Class Term 5


This term Jellyfish Class have been learning about our topic ‘down at the bottom of the garden’. During our science lessons we have learnt about a range of minibeasts, their habitats and where to find them in our school garden and pond. We learnt about the life cycles of butterfly’s and frogs and visited the school pond to do some pond dipping. We did not find any frogs, but we did find 3 newts! During our school garden sessions, we have had a minibeast hunt and took pictures of the minibeasts that we could find. In our art lessons we used our knowledge of minibeasts to mould and decorate our own creations from clay.

In cooking we have been learning how to follow a recipe and have made lots of tasty treats such as banana bread, carrot cupcakes and blueberry muffins. In PE we enjoyed practicing different athletics and races. We practiced an egg and spoon race, tried a hopping race and a race with cones on our heads! We have also been using our big school trampoline and have learnt how to follow the safety rules and bounce and land correctly. We really enjoy this new resource!

In literacy we have been practicing our spelling of cvc and 2 syllable words. In reading we have been learning more about our understanding of what we read by sequencing story’s and making predictions. In maths we have been further developing our multiplication and division skills and have been looking at different types of measure by weighing, measuring and working with money.

Towards the end of term, we celebrated measures week and completed lots of fun activities. We had a measures treasure hunt in the garden, measured the playground using different size footprints and shared the story Tall with our Headteacher Helena. Throughout the week we enjoyed using a range of different resources such as money, measuring tapes, weighing scales, measuring jugs and clocks.

At the end of the term to celebrate our marble reward term we had a water fight and invited other classes. It was a lovely sunny day and we had lots of fun getting very wet! During the last week some of our class went on the residential trip and on our last day of term, we celebrated the Queens jubilee. We made bunting, crowns and cupcakes to celebrate and had a big school street party!

What a great term we have had! Have a lovely half term Jellyfish Class and I will see you soon for our final term and our topic ‘Full Steam Ahead’

Jellyfish Term 4 2021-2022

 This term Jellyfish Class have been learning about People Who Help Us and have had lots of discussions around the police, ambulance and fire departments. We have also been talking about dentists, vets, teachers, lollipop people and lots of other services that help us every day!

We started off this term by celebrating world book day. We joined in with a story and hot chocolate in the hall with our Headteacher Helena, we had parents in to celebrate with us and read stories with us and we also visited the local library and explored a range of new books. While there we used our money skills to buy a tasty snack from the café!

In PE we have continued with our gymnastic skills. We could remember our actions, body rolls and body shapes and have been using these as well as developing our balancing skills. In history we have been focusing on our People Who Help Us topic and have had lots of great discussions. In art we junk modelled emergency vehicles and made a giant art piece to thank the NHS.

In the school garden we also focused on People Who Help Us. We learnt how to make a fire and distinguish it safely, made emergency vehicles from natural resources, and put out our own (fake) fires with water guns, it was lots of fun!

In literacy we have been developing our letter formation, writing using cvc words, describing characters from books and sequencing stories. In maths we have been developing our confidence with adding and subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers. We have also been developing our multiplication and division skills by using repeated addition and subtraction.

During our cooking sessions we have been making breakfast food and learning how to use different appliances safely such as the microwave and toaster. We also tried some food that we never have before, such as cheesy omelettes.

We have had lots to celebrate this term such as Red Nose Day and Mother’s Day. We learnt about why we celebrate Red Nose Day by wearing the colour red to school and donating £1. For Mother’s Day we talked to each other about what our mums like and what makes them laugh. We made Mother’s Day cards to take home to celebrate. We celebrated Autism Awareness week by talking about what made us special and unique and joining in with a colouring run, we loved getting messy!

At the end of term for our marble jar reward we had an Easter party with an Easter egg hunt and made lots of Easter crafts. Well done for a great term Jellyfish Class! Enjoy your Easter break and we will see you soon ready for our topic ‘Down at the bottom of the garden’.

Jellyfish Term 3 20211-2022

This term Jellyfish Class have been learning about Hero’s and Villain’s and have made lots of Superhero artwork for our art display.

During our sessions in the school garden we have been continuing our superhero theme. We read the super worm story and went on a worm hunt, used different techniques to save toys frozen in ice and we used fire to make hot drinks and cook dough.

In PE we have been learning gymnastic skills such as gymnastic actions, body rolls and body shapes. We have been putting these shapes together to make gymnastic routines. In science we have been learning about reactions and how to make a prediction. We have used magnets to test what objects are magnetic, we made predictions to see if objects would float or sink in water and we made a parachute for an egg!

In February we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We talked about all the different technology we use at home and at school and how we can stay safe when using the internet. In literacy we have been developing our letter formation, writing sentences and captions and learning about punctuation. In maths we have continued developing our skills in number, exploring multiplication and division and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

During our cooking sessions we have learning about healthy food. We have tried lots of new and different foods and enjoyed a trip out for our local Tesco to buy ingredients for a pasta salad.

We started off the term having a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday and enjoyed the party games! We have ended the term with a trip to our local library. We used money to buy a treat from the library café and enjoyed looking at all the books with our peers and adults.

Well done for a great term Jellyfish Class! Enjoy your half term and we will see you in a week ready for our topic ‘People who help us’.

Jellyfish Term 2 2021-2022

This term Jellyfish Class have had fun celebrating our topic ‘Special Times’ and we have had lots of different occasions to celebrate. We have had two friends’ birthdays in class and had parties for the occasions. We celebrated World Kindness Day by collaborating with Octopus Class and sharing activities for the day. We celebrated Children in Need by dressing up and taking part in fun activities. We all had a special Christmas dinner as a class. Parents visited Jellyfish Class for a special Christmas party, and we even had Santa and his elf visit our class with presents.

Christmas arrived on the 1st December for Jellyfish Class and we had a visit from Jingle, our Elf on the Shelf! He decorated some of our classroom for us and we then use our arts and crafts skills to make the classroom look even more festive. We made a cardboard fireplace for around the IWB, snowflakes to hang from the ceiling and salt dough decorations for the Christmas tree. We made Christmas cards for residents in care homes and had a special visitor in school to collect them. We showed her our amazing artwork and asked lots of questions about care homes. We have also enjoyed taking it in turns to open our special class advent calendar, each day we get a little treat and new book to share with the class!

In the school garden we made decorations for the Christmas tree by sawing logs and decorating them in class. We then all sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas together as we decorated the tree. We also helped our garden teacher tidy up the garden ready for winter by covering the plants and protecting them from the frost, pulling out all the brown leaves from the growing beds and collecting up all of the fallen leaves to make a giant leaf pile!

For our value ‘I am healthy’ we have been trying lots of new and different foods during snack times and cooking and finding out what we like and what we don’t like. We have been keeping active with our PE sessions and have really enjoyed football this term. We have also been using the climbing frame in the hall and have been developing great climbing and balancing skills. We have enjoyed learning in the outside area during our rainbow challenges and for sensory exploration.

In maths we have been developing our directional skills and have been learning about left and rights and clockwise and anticlockwise. We have been learning more about fractions and are good at our halves and are now moving onto our quarters. We are also very good at our addition and subtraction and having been trying hard with our subtractions and multiplications. In English we have been writing about lots of different celebrations such as Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Hanukkah and Christmas. We have been labelling pictures, writing captions, thinking of sentences to write and using known spellings to write letters and Christmas cards.

You have had an amazing term Jellyfish Class! Enjoy your Christmas break and I will see you next term for our new topic ‘Superhero’s!’

Jellyfish Term 1 2021-2022

 Jellyfish class have had a great start to the year! This term we have focused on settling into class, re-establishing friendships and getting used to our new routines. We have been learning about ourselves and our friends and what makes us special in our topic ‘I am special’.    

We have been very busy with lots of different activities. In cooking we tasted some new fruits, in music we explored the musical instruments, in computing we learned about programming and in art we painted lots of pictures about ourselves and the things we like to add to our art wall. We have enjoyed being back in the garden with our garden teacher and choosing new books to take home from our library. We have also been spending lots of time with each other in our outside area sharing the sand, water play and mud kitchen.

In maths we developed our skills by working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We learnt about sharing with fractions and have started using money. We have been looking at our birthday display and our daily calendar to learn about the date and the months of the year. We have been writing about ourselves and our favourite things during literacy and exploring new and familiar sounds in our phonics sessions.

At the end of the term we celebrated all of our hard work with a Halloween party! Our Head Teacher Helena also visited us for a pink tea party. We are very excited for next term and more celebrations for our topic ‘Special Times’.