Chalet School


Remote Curriculum

Pupils who are unable to attend school full-time will have access to a range of software and paper-based activity packs that parent/carers can use in the home with their child to ensure they continue to make progress against their EHCP targets and the wider curriculum offer. See below for more information:  

  • Login to Educational Software called Purple Mash  – teachers will set activities  linked to a range of subject specific areas on a regular basis. The teacher can track pupil engagement and set new tasks for the child to complete when their 'To Do List' is finished.
  • Login to Educational Software called MyON – This is an online library where pupils can either select their own book of choice OR for appropriate pupils who can read teachers will select the book for them to read. This will also be monitored by teachers to see what pupils have read.
  • YouTube clips of Gina Davis' Attention Autism i.e. bucket-group engagement activities are available for parent/carers to access via the links below:                                                          Gina Davis Stage 1 Bucket Group & Gina Davis Stage 2 Bucket Groups
  • School generated video of weekly Sign & Word of the Week presented by school staff and pupils.
  • Maths -  We have put together a short document explaining some of the different ways that you can help your child to further develop their maths skills and language; these ideas will also support the work that they are already doing in school with their teachers. 

    Please click on the link below for Maths Ideas.

      Maths Ideas for Parents