Chalet School


Octopus Class News

Term 1 2021-2022 

 Octopus class have enjoyed coming together as a new class this term; meeting new friends and adults and building positive relationships together. As part of our PSHE work we established class rules that will help to keep us all happy and safe.

During busy time sessions the children have used different communication strategies to make requests and have enjoyed exploring the resources and games available to them. 


During literacy we have focused on our letter recognition and correct formation, as well as spelling words using our phonic knowledge and starting to write short sentences to caption pictures. We have chosen books from the library to read for pleasure with an adult and have developed our phonic knowledge through 1:1 focused tasks. At the end of each day, we have shared stories as a group and been working together to describe characters, predict what might happen next and sequence stories. 


In Maths, we have been focusing on counting objects reliably, number recognition and solving addition and subtraction problems using objects and number lines. We have also explored measure in practical situations and used comparative language to describe length and height. 


As part of our topic work, we have talked about ourselves and our families and shared our likes and dislikes about a range of items and activities. 


We have particularly enjoyed learning outdoors, completing rainbow challenges and spending time in the school garden.