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Bucket Group Activities - Term 2

Term 2- Stage 1 & 2 Bucket Groups. 

Attention Autisum Stage 1 

Josie Clarke this great example of how to get a Stage 1 together using things from around the house. It is the way you look with anticipation and the careful handling of the obejcts combined with animation and well timed language that helps draw us in. Thank you Josie for rising to the challenge to source a Stage 1 from things at home!

Stage 1 - Attention Autism Suggestions with Coronavirus in Mind

Stage 1 - Cool Bag

Attention Autism Stage 1 at home... a cool bag. In this film we have been thinking of ways you could do Stage 1 at home without a bucket or wind up toys. There is a bit of explanation for parents first then a demonstration. 

Stage 1 -Its All About Spinning

This huge pink bucket is full of fascinating things and Jackie Hird takes us through a Stage 1 activity that is all about spinning. The drawing on the whiteboard comes at the start of the session so children know exactly what is going to happen.


 Attention Autism Stage 1 & 2 Coughing 

Stages 1 about coughing. In this video we are trying to make what happens when you cough visual. The children need to know why we use a tissue or our elbows but we can give important information and have a bit of fun at the same time! You might like to use this for ideas or watch it with your child.

Attention Autism Session Stage 1&2 

Attention Autism session Stage1 Bucket Sage 2 Musical Rain In this film Jo Wilson from kirkleatham Hall school uses simple things to create an engaging session. The set up is low distraction and the well paced delivery makes this easy to watch. This is an example of how simple things can be made interesting.