Woodland Learning

At The Chalet School we have a wonderful school woodland garden.  It is entirely fenced so the children have the chance to be free to explore, play and connect with nature.  This helps them to build confidence and to understand their world.  All activities in the garden are related to classroom learning.  Each term 2 classes spend half a day a week in the garden.  

This term will be full of exciting activities for the children in the garden.

Seahorse class will be taking their turn in the garden on Monday mornings and they will be caring for wildlife.  They will be giving the pond a much needed clear out, improving the mini-beast hotel and making bird boxes and bird seed cakes.  They will also be doing lots of playing - they have already made a great den in the middle of the wood - with log seats for everyone!  On the last session before the Christmas holidays they will be making a celebration cake and baking it in the clay oven in the garden to enjoy with some hot chocolate at snack time.     

Turtles class really enjoy gardening - especially sweeping and wheel-barrowing leaves and watering.  They will be doing some gardening every week, planting onion setts and broad beans.  They will also be doing lots of celebrating.  We will be celebrating all the colours of the autumn leaves for Diwali by making cards.  For Hanuka we will be celebrating light with a small fire and eating doughnuts (any excuse)!  We will also be making lots of our own Christmas decorations and decorating the Christmas tree growing in the garden.  On our last session we will be baking bread made by the children in our clay oven.  Bread and jam is their favourite snack!    

Our allotment area has accessible raised beds, hard paths and a wonderful greenhouse/shed bought by a member of staff who raised the money by abseiling down a huge tower!  The greenhouse/shed enables the children to see the whole process of growing from seed to vegetable in a single place.    

We have a Thursday lunchtime gardening club, anyone can come along.  We have made chess caterpillars and sown a wildflower meadow and have lots more gardening jobs in store!

If you would like to know more about the Chalet garden project, please visit the following website - www.woodland-learning.co.uk.