Woodland Learning

At The Chalet School we have a wonderful school woodland garden.  It is entirely fenced so the children have the chance to be free to explore, play and connect with nature.  This helps them to build confidence and to understand their world.  All activities in the garden are related to classroom learning.  Each term 2 classes spend half a day a week in the garden. 

Woodland Learning Term 5 

There will be two special events in the garden this term. 

On Thursday 9th May we will be celebrating May Day in the garden.  There will be music and dancing with ribbons, clay green man face making, a green man hunt, fun, games, biscuits and seed sowing.  We hope the children’s families will be able to join in the fun! 

On Thursday 24th May there will be a Parents Garden Taster session.  Parents are invited to spend the morning in the garden finding out more about how we use our fantastic garden to help the children learn and develop at school.  There will be refreshments and a talk around the fire to start followed by a garden tour and a family activity with the children of the parents who attend. 

More details of times, what to bring and booking will be sent to parents separately. 

This term Sea Horse class will be growing flowers to make their own garden outside their class look lovely and attract more butterflies.  They will be making willow sculptures for that garden.

Turtle class will be finding out more about nature and how to care for it going on a minibeast hunt and going bird watching – and watching the live camera action of our nesting Great Tits.  They will also be sawing logs to make toy insects and for the pizza oven where they will be cooking up a pizza feast.

Shark class will continue to work towards their John Muir Award.  They will be carrying out more missions to grow the most potatoes, tallest sunflower and best salad for a summer picnic.  They will also be checking on the development of the tadpoles and helping to mend a hole in the pond. 

All classes work in the garden centres on Permaculture which is a design system which creates resilient, sustainable relationships between human beings and the rest of the natural world.  We ensure Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share are the core principals behind all we do in the garden.  All garden learning is linked to the national curriculum and is centred on the individual child enjoying their outdoor learning experience to the full. 

If you would like to know more about the Chalet garden project, please visit the following website - www.woodland-learning.co.uk.