Class 6 - Shark 

 Term 5 Report

In Shark class this term we have been learning about British Values and understanding how we can be good citizens. We have developed understanding of choice and responsibility and have been demonstrating some of the new skills we have learnt. The children have engaged in looking after their school community by completing missions towards the John Muir award and collecting litter from around the grounds. Shark class have also demonstrated good behaviour, manners and respect during a visit to Morrisons for lunch. They had a great time! 

In maths, we have been practising number skills and using our knowledge in a variety of contexts. We have explored positional and directional language and described properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. We have also been developing our understanding of money by using it in practical situations.

In literacy we have been focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar activities and practising using this in our own writing.   

This term some of the older children have been to the Farm Project in Cirencester for a residential trip. They have taken part in many activities including caring for the animals, collecting and sorting eggs and planting vegetables. They enjoyed working together during the trip and were very well behaved throughout. Well done to all those that participated in the residential!


Term 4 Report

 This term we have been continuing to develop our reading skills and comprehension using Accelerated Reader. Pupils have been really motivated by the new library and being able to choose books that interest them to continue their reading journeys. Shark class have recognised story language in books and have used this in their own writing when they wrote stories using comic strip templates. The pupils have continued to check their writing for capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. They have tried hard to use their phonetic knowledge to spell words correctly and have practised writing common exception words.


During our Maths sessions we have been gaining confidence in using number in different contexts. We have explored multiplication and division using different methods and have been able to show confidence with these skills by completing relevant work box tasks independently. We have also explored positional and directional language, where we had fun directing our friends around the school. We used pizza toppings to learn about fractions and shared objects out between our friends. We have explored time through sequencing and have been able to show times on a clock.


Shark class have had a focus on following instructions this term. We have done this in a variety of ways including following instructions on food packaging during cooking and listening to instructions from adults and peers during small group sessions. We enjoyed a trip to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance where we learnt about personal safety and what to do in an emergency situation. We were even lucky enough to see the air ambulance taking off and landing during our visit. We also visited Coate Water this term and had a tour of the park with the park ranger and used the bird hide to observe birds in the environment.

It has been a fun term and all the children have worked particularly hard. Well done Shark class!






Term 3 Report

 In Shark class we have been exploring different superheroes as part of our topic work. We have read a variety of superhero stories, created superheroes of our own and designed masks and shields.

As part of our literacy work we have written descriptions of superheroes, labelled pictures and started to plan out stories considering characters, settings, what problems occurred and how these problems could be solved.

In Maths we have continued to use the four different operations, using practical resources to support. We have also used money to ‘buy’ toys in the classroom and started to calculate change. We have also learnt about time and key things that happen within our school day.

On Monday mornings Shark class have been enjoying visits to the school garden where they have been completing missions towards earning the John Muir Award. Some of the pupils have had the opportunity to create pieces of woodwork at the UET Farm, while others have completed DT activities in school.





Term 2 Report

This term in Shark class we have been continuing to develop positive peer relationships and getting to know each other, appreciating our similarities and differences.

In literacy we have been writing in full sentences more independently, creating acrostic poems, writing narratives and letters – including our letters to Santa! We reflected back on 2018 and thought about things that we have done well. We have continued to focus on correct letter formation and have seen great progress with this. Well done Shark class!

In maths Shark class have been developing number skills with a focus on solving multiplication and division in a variety of ways. We have tried to use our knowledge of number to solve problems in different contexts. The children have visited the local shop to use money and check the change they have been given. Pupils have been gaining confidence in locating their own resources in the classroom to support learning.

In PSHE we have been learning about looking after our bodies; getting regular exercise and eating healthy foods. We have started to look at food labels and used them to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices. During our DT sessions, both in and out of school, we have been learning to use equipment safely and appropriately to design and create birdhouses and other pieces of art and woodwork.

Shark class have worked incredibly hard this term and deserve a relaxing and fun Christmas break! Well done Sharks!




 Term 1 Report 

In Shark class this term we have been getting to know each other and deciding on some important class rules together. We have explored our likes and dislikes and compared similarities and differences between ourselves and others, developing our tolerance and understanding.

In literacy we have been practising letter formation, writing in full sentences and have tried writing and punctuating questions correctly. We have written descriptions about ourselves and created quizzes based on books we have been reading.

In Maths, we have been developing skills in solving addition and subtraction problems using a variety of methods. We have been able to locate resources around the classroom to help us with our work and the pupils have been developing independence in seeking out these resources to support their learning.

In PSHE we have been doing work about being a good friend. We are developing skills in taking turns, playing fairly and accepting others’ opinions. We have been able to demonstrate being a good friend and have recognised positive qualities in our peers.

As part of our topic work we have discussed ourselves and our families. We have learnt about family trees and how these are created. We have even made our own and displayed them in the classroom.

This term, some of the pupils in Shark class have been to visit the UET Farm where they have had the opportunity to use tools to create wooden birdhouses. They have worked well in pairs and followed instructions to ensure their safety.

Term 1 has been a great start to the year for Shark class. Well done Sharks!