End of Term Reports - Class 7 Shark



Term 2 - Shark Class


Wow- Sharks have had a FAB second term! We have enjoyed lots of fun activities and events- not to mention the special visitor that was sent from Santa- Elvis the Elf!


We have been focusing on The Gingerbread Man during reading and writing sessions. Sharks have had lots of fun changing the characters and some of the events in the story. Sharks learned The Gingerbread Man by heart and acted out parts of the story. We focused on character descriptions and using lots of adjectives to describe the new characters. We then rewrote the story using our own ideas! Sharks have produced some fantastic stories and have developed their writing skills at the same time! We have been enjoying our daily advent calendar books and looking forward to the end of the day to see which Christmas story we can read together as a class! We liked answering questions about the stories.


We have really enjoyed reading activities this term and listening to our favourite books- fantastic engagement Sharks, well done!   


During maths this term we have been learning all about fractions, Sharks enjoy it when compare our halves and quarters to cutting up a pizza! Sharks have also been learning about the different months and have becomes so good at them that they can recite them backwards as well as forwards! Sharks have learnt the different seasons of the year as well as days of the week.


Amazing maths work Sharks!


Sharks enjoyed visiting St Timothy’s church at Liden to take part in Christmas unwrapped with children from Liden School. We learnt all about the origin of Christmas by taking part in many different fun activities to unwrap the story of Christ.


Sharks had lots of fun back in class making Christmas decorations to decorate our school Christmas tree. We also all helped in making a fireplace for our classroom to hang our reward stockings on. During December Sharks classroom looks like Santa’s grotto! It was very exciting!


We enjoyed it when our parents and carers came into class to join us for carols around the tree and joined in lots of Christmas activities with us, we made a yearly calendar and showed them how much we had learnt about months and seasons!


During cooking sessions we made some yummy festive bakes, such as a gingerbread family and stained glassed biscuits! Sharks practiced experimenting with flavours and discovered that we all like cinnamon! We are developing our skills in reading and following a recipe and using our maths skills by measuring the ingredients.



Well done Sharks! You are amazing- keep up the good work!

Shark Class Term 1





 Term one- Sharks class 

Sharks have had a fantastic start to the year! They have settled in well and have begun to build new friendships. Sharks enjoyed lots of fun things during this first term. We decided on class rules and had lots of fun getting to know all of the children and staff within Sharks class. 

Sharks have been doing lots of fun writing activities and have made some fantastic writing progress! We have been practising forming sentences orally and then writing them, using punctuation and capital letters where appropriate. During writing sessions we have been using a range of stimulus, such as colourful semantics, to improve our writing skills and to make our sentences more exciting. In Sharks, we have looked at punctuation (including brackets, speech marks, question marks, explanation marks, apostrophes, commas and of course full stops)! All of Sharks have attempted to use a range of punctuation within the writing and have tried hard to improve their sentences. 

Well done Sharks, your writing has improved well over the first term- keep up the hard work! 

Our class book has been Matilda this term! We have enjoyed reading it and discussing the characters we like and the characters we dislike! Sharks have enjoyed a range of reading activities in a range of contexts! We use a reading carousel every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; where the children get the opportunity to independently read, practise reading comprehension and use the whiteboard to improve phonics skills. We visit the school Library often where Sharks have the opportunity to read freely and increase their enjoyment of reading. 

We have really enjoyed reading activities this term and listening to our favourite books- fantastic engagement Sharks, well done!   

 During maths this term we have been practising our number formation and times tables weekly! We are getting good at our 2x, 5x and 10x tables- forwards and backwards! Sharks are getting very good at identifying 2D and 3D shapes, naming them and describing their properties such as sides, corners and faces. We have also been practising telling the time using mathematical vocabulary such as half past, quarter past, quarter to and o’clock. Sharks have been answering worded questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and time, improving our understanding of number in a range of contexts. 

Amazing maths work Sharks! 

Sharks class have enjoyed Garden sessions with Ruth this term. We have made self-portraits using the leaves and sticks, we have done some fantastic gardening and planting and we have enjoyed playing on the swings and in the garden with our friends. We really enjoyed using the clay oven to make some healthy pizzas during our last garden session. 

During cooking sessions this term we have made some yummy and healthy foods! We have made some banana bread, carrot cakes, vegan cookies and healthy veg pizzas. Sharks have practised their cutting skills and being hygienic during cooking sessions. Sharks have enjoyed using Drumming with Luke this term. We have been practising playing along to different songs and finding the beat to range of music! Sharks had a great time visiting the library in Liden and engaging with a range of books and stories.  The Harvest festival this year was great fun! We enjoyed apple bobbing and bowling as well as making our own chocolate apples. 

Well done Sharks! You are amazing- keep up the good work!