Class 6 - Shark

Term 4 Report

Term 4 saw Shark class continue their learning through our dinosaur topic. In maths we continued to use treasure hunts to focus on positional language and extended our learning to look at directional language. Children enjoyed using Bee-bots and computer programs to consolidate their knowledge in this. Towards the end of term children worked on their money skills, counting out different coins, combining amounts and calculating change. We even had a visit to the local shop to demonstrate our skills in using money in everyday situations.

As part of our literacy work we wrote in full sentences to describe scenes and settings. This supported our work in speaking and listening were pupils are able to interpret scenes and answer questions about it. Children worked hard to use different types of words in their writing including adjectives and verbs.

Children have particularly enjoyed swimming this term developing skills using different swimming strokes. The children have been very proud of the progress they have made.  

 Term 3 Report

In Shark class we have been exploring dinosaurs as part of our topic work. We used computers and information books to find out different dinosaur facts and used these to create fact posters. We have drawn dinosaurs using 2D shapes and written descriptions of our dinosaurs including maths vocabulary associated with shape. Pupils enjoyed hiding dinosaurs and hunting for them in our outdoor areas, focusing on positional language.

As part of our literacy work we have been labelling dinosaur pictures using adjectives and used this to develop a piece of descriptive writing which the pupils put great effort into.

On Thursday mornings Shark class enjoyed visits to the school garden where we continued our dinosaur themed work – digging for dinosaur bones, making dino dinners in the mud kitchen, playing carnivore catch (a game which the pupils created themselves!) and singing dinosaur songs around a campfire! We were also lucky enough to have a visit to Pennyhooks Farm where we helped to feed the animals and collect eggs from the chickens. The children had a fabulous morning!

In Art the children have enjoyed making dinosaur fossils, printing dinosaur footprints and collaging a large class dinosaur which features on a whole school display.