Class 5 - Octopus

 Term 4 Report

An amazing Term 4 for Octopus class!

We have been enjoying some fantastic phonics sessions where we have all been using the phonics songs to practise our initial sounds! Some of Octopus class have produced amazing wanted posters to help the police search for The Gingerbread man! We have been trying to improve our spelling skills and by practising spelling some simple CVC words and some trickier “ai” family words! Octopus class continue to enjoy mark making sessions using a range of mark making tools and surfaces. The Gingerbread Man continues to be Octopus class’ favourite story book although some of us have taken a liking to Jack and The Beanstalk.

During maths sessions we have continued practising our number formation, addition and subtraction skills and counting in 2’s and 20’s. Octopus class have increased their confidence with taking one away from a number or adding one to a number, we are progressing so well that we do not need to use number aids to assist use! As a result, in Octopus class we have improved our understanding of number and quantity.

We have had some fantastic PE sessions this term! The children in Octopus class have enjoyed using the PE apparatus and challenging themselves every week. Some children have tried new and different apparatus climbing every session! Well done! We have also enjoyed learning about how to be safe on the equipment, balance appropriately and share with our friends whilst waiting for our turn. 

Bucket group (attention autism) continues to flourish and progress weekly! All children are at different stages, but they have all improved their communication and attention spans drastically and we have seen a big change in sharing, waiting, confidence, communication and ability to learn because of the bucket groups! All children have challenged themselves and are engaging in a range of settings more openly and trying new sensory experiences. As a result, children have been able to say what sensory input they like/dislike! Amazing progress. Thank you to Sally for leading and preparing the Bucket groups.

As part of our “People Who Help Us” topic we have enjoyed lots of fun sessions and activities! We have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Police and Fire service, where we got to sit in a fire truck and use the hose! We also enjoyed dressing up as Fire Fighters and learning about what is safe/ not safe around the house. The Police also spoke to us about how to keep safe and what they are there for. We have learnt lots about the different services within the community and how safer strangers (such as doctors, nurses, police officers, dentists…) can help us and what uniform they wear so that we can identify them. 

 Octopus class enjoy drumming with Luke and will often ask for drumming. We have enjoyed yoga daily and have practised our balancing skills within yoga sessions!

Here’s to another great term! Fantastic work Octopus class.   

Term 3 Report

A fantastic term for Octopus class this term!

There has been some great learning happening in Literacy! We have been mark making, writing our names and labelling our pictures. There has been some fantastic writing of animal names and even some description of animals. Some of us have worked very hard on practising our pencil grip and copying patterns.

 There has also been some amazing learning happening in Maths this term! Octopus class are getting very good at counting and forming numbers! We have practised adding and subtracting using cubes. Some of us have been counting up in 2’s and 10’s. We are still listening and singing along to our favourite songs such as “five little ducks” and “5 little speckled frogs”. Octopus class also have enjoyed using the parachute to add one more and take one away through singing “Ten in the bed”. 

The children in Octopus class have enjoyed using the climbing apparatus with Starfish class! We have been practising sharing, waiting our turn and using the equipment safely. Some of the Octopus class have been very resilient as they have practised using some of the equipment that they couldn’t use at first! Well done Octopus class. 

 We have found a new love for slime in Octopus class! We have had lots of sensory play and learning experiences- hence why we sometimes get very messy at school! We have particularly enjoyed smelling different smells as part of our learning experience! Octopus class have enjoyed sensory sessions with Starfish and enjoy using PECs to ask for different sensory experiences.

 As part of our on the farm topic we have looked at where some animals live, where milk comes from and have visited a farm! Octopus class have enjoyed building our own farms and making animals out of objects!

 Octopus class enjoy drumming with Luke and will often ask for drumming. We have enjoyed yoga daily and have practised our balancing skills within yoga sessions!

Here’s to another great term! Fantastic work Octopus class.   

Term 2 Report

Octopus class have had a very exciting term this term and have worked very hard to meet different targets!

As part of our topic work we have been celebrating lots of special times.  Some of our activities included firework painting for Bonfire night, exploring colours for Diwali and making decorations for Christmas. We enjoyed a trip to our local church, where we had the opportunity to sing songs with our friends in other classes. Octopus class really enjoy carols around the tree! It was great to spend some time with our friends and family! 

We have been using different colours to practise our writing in literacy and making fireworks writing displays! Some of us are still practising how to hold a pencil and the different types of grips! We have been sharing stories from around the world and celebrating the differences in people. 

In maths we have been looking at different sizes and ordering pictures small, smaller, smallest, and big, bigger, biggest! We are practising our counting and adding up skills.   

Octopus class enjoy drumming with Luke and will often ask for drumming! Some of us were lucky enough to go on the elf run and dress up! We are all very excited for Christmas!   

Here’s to another great term! Fantastic work Octopus class.   

Term 1 Report

Octopus Class have had a fantastic start to the year! We have been getting to know one and other and learning our likes and dislikes! Lots of children in Octopus class like the same sensory experiences, which we have shared during bucket group. We have developed our understanding of each other through play and exploration.  

In Writing we have been practising writing our name and some of us have been writing our surnames. We have been reading stories together and answering questions about what we can see and hear! Octopus class loves Monkey Puzzle and The Hungry Caterpillar!

In Maths, we have been writing our numbers and grouping objects to count! We have been using the resources around the classroom to help us with some simple addition. 

Octopus class love playing games; especially bowling! We have been playing different games to practise turn taking and waiting for our friends! During turn-taking games we have been developing our language and communication skills using PECS and verbal communication. 

It has been all arts and craft this term in Octopus class! We have made leaf animals, wax animals, apple printing and much more. The children have enjoyed painting and using their fingers-getting all arty! 

This term, Octopus class has enjoyed spending time in the garden with Ruth! They have done some digging, watering and weeding. The children have enjoyed using this garden equipment such as the swings and see-saw. 

Some children in Octopus class have had the opportunity to go horse riding and some of the children have been able to join in during Zumba lessons. All the children have gone swimming this term and enjoyed the fun swim on the last week of term. 

Again, a fantastic start to the year and a great Term 1. Well done Octopus class, keep up the hard work.