Class 5 - Octopus

Term 6 Report

During term 6 Octopus class have continued to learn about different countries from around the world. We have been learning about flags from around the world and matching them to their correct countries on a map. Pupils particularly enjoyed an adventure afternoon with pupils from Liden school where they worked in teams to hunt for props and pictures relevant to each country. It was a great day and pupils worked well with their new friends.

During PE pupils continued practising skills for sports day and familiarised themselves with the layout of the course. The children thoroughly enjoyed sports afternoon, especially the colour splash at the end!

Octopus class have been working hard to improve their social skills! They have been working for a restaurant trip to Franky and Bennies, which they earnt due to their fantastic table manners. All the children really enjoyed the trip and it was a fantastic way to end the year!

This has been a wonderful year for Octopus class. All children have worked hard and shown great maturity. Well done Octopus class. Enjoy your summer break! 

Term 5 Report

Octopus class have had a great Term 5, full of busy and exciting activities. We started with a thrilling visit from ‘Zoolab’, where all the children had an opportunity to see and hear all about different animals from around the world. Some of the children even held the animals! Octopus class really enjoyed learning about the animals.

Our topic this term is ‘Around the World’ – children have, so far, learnt about the UK, Spain and India. The children have enjoyed watching videos about the different places they have research and have been amazed at some of the facts that they have learnt! Octopus class have been creating fact files based on what they have learnt. We have enjoyed listening to music from around the world; learning about different instruments and rhythms! The children have had a great time tasting food from around the world!

PE this term has been outdoors, and we have been very lucky with the weather! Children have been practising activities for sports day, focusing on team skills and good sportsmanship. The children have enjoyed throwing the balls at targets and practising weaving the balls in and out of the cones. 

Term 4 Report

In Octopus Class we have been exploring dinosaurs as part of our topic work.  As part of our literacy work we have been labelling dinosaur pictures and some of the children have been using adjectives, nouns and verbs to develop a piece of descriptive writing.

On Monday mornings we enjoyed our visits to the school garden with Ruth.  We also visited Pennyhooks Farm and helped to feed the animals and collect eggs.  Ruth then cooked the eggs in the garden and we made egg sandwiches for our snack.

In Art we enjoyed printing two large dinosaurs, for displays in the school, and a volcano.  We also printed some dinosaur foot prints.  The children also made dinosaurs, in our junk modelling session, and printed them.

In Maths we looked at 2D and 3D shapes and the number of sides, faces, vertices and edges.  The class also enjoyed their swimming on a Wednesday morning.

In the last week of term, we had a visitor to run our sensory story workshop and the children made a spoon puppet each.

We also said goodbye to our Class Teacher and the children made a lovely Octopus goodbye card. 

 Term 3 Report

In Term 3 we started exploring our Dinosaur Topic. We have had great fun digging for dinosaur bones in the sand and identifying the different features. In literacy we used this to label dinosaurs and write sentences to describe either a dinosaur or a dinosaur setting. We tried really hard to think of adventurous adjectives to make our sentences more interesting. We also practised our use of prepositions and positional language during dinosaur hunts around school and directing a partner to find a hidden dinosaur using verbal instructions. 

In Maths we have been using 2D shapes to create dinosaur pictures and practised making shapes either out of playdough or with a ruler. We have also challenged our peers to continue a repeating pattern and grouped shapes according to their properties.  

During our cooking sessions, we have enjoyed making tasty treats such as dinosaur biscuits, volcano cakes, dinosaur nests and pancakes. We have practised taking turns to read the recipe instructions, weigh out ingredients and stir the mixtures. In art we have looked at creating patterns using different materials and collaging materials to create dinosaurs and volcanoes.