Class 5 - Octopus

Term 1 Report

Octopus Class have had a fantastic start to the year! We have been getting to know one and other and learning our likes and dislikes! Lots of children in Octopus class like the same sensory experiences, which we have shared during bucket group. We have developed our understanding of each other through play and exploration.  

In Writing we have been practising writing our name and some of us have been writing our surnames. We have been reading stories together and answering questions about what we can see and hear! Octopus class loves Monkey Puzzle and The Hungry Caterpillar!

In Maths, we have been writing our numbers and grouping objects to count! We have been using the resources around the classroom to help us with some simple addition. 

Octopus class love playing games; especially bowling! We have been playing different games to practise turn taking and waiting for our friends! During turn-taking games we have been developing our language and communication skills using PECS and verbal communication. 

It has been all arts and craft this term in Octopus class! We have made leaf animals, wax animals, apple printing and much more. The children have enjoyed painting and using their fingers-getting all arty! 

This term, Octopus class has enjoyed spending time in the garden with Ruth! They have done some digging, watering and weeding. The children have enjoyed using this garden equipment such as the swings and see-saw. 

Some children in Octopus class have had the opportunity to go horse riding and some of the children have been able to join in during Zumba lessons. All the children have gone swimming this term and enjoyed the fun swim on the last week of term. 

Again, a fantastic start to the year and a great Term 1. Well done Octopus class, keep up the hard work.