End of Term Reports - Class 6 Octopus 

Octopus Term 1 2019

Week 1

What a brilliant first week we have had! All of the children have settled into class really well and are getting used to their daily routines. We have all enjoyed getting to know each other and spending time finding out our likes and dislikes through play. We have loved sharing stories and talking about what we have done of the summer break.

Well done Octopus class, an amazing start to the year!

Week 2

This week we have embedded our morning routines within the classroom. We have enjoyed developing our fine motor skills through lots of different activities such as threading, puzzles and playdough. We have also been exploring our different sounds in phonics and have played lots of phonics games to support our learning and understanding of sounds.

Also this week we returned to our weekly swimming sessions. All children were very excited and transitioned to the pool successfully. They enjoyed getting back into the water and exploring different floats and swimming aids.

We had our very first PE session this week and collaborated with Jellyfish Class in the hall. We explored different ways of moving across apparatus. We had great fun, climbing, jumping and balancing on the equipment.

On Friday the school celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We spent the afternoon completing different Roald Dahl themed activities which involved at lot of chocolate. We also enjoyed watching Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. We took part in the school’s Roald Dahl Quiz and won first place! We were really excited to receive a certificate and special snack money for our main prize.

Week 3

This week we began our new maths topic of addition. We started by looking at finding one more than a given number. The children enjoyed exploring this in different ways, from using cubes to find the next number to jumping on the dinosaur numbers that were one more than the given number.

During our topic work this week we looked at our different facial features. We explored our eyes, nose, ears, and mouth using mirrors. We then completed an art activity and chose our own features to sick onto our faces.

We had our first cooking session this week which was linked to our topic work ‘Magical Me’. The children enjoyed making their own pizzas from pitta bread and tomato sauce. The children then had the chance to choose their own toppings and created their faces on top of the pizza bases. We took this opportunity to discuss our favourite foods. We all had great fun making these in class.

We have also enjoyed our sensory collaboration with Jellyfish class on a Wednesday afternoon. Here we have opened up both classrooms and have had a continuous provision of sensory activities. We loved exploring the different textures and learning to develop our likes and dislikes through sensory play.


Week 4

Week 4 already! Another brilliant week from the children in Octopus Class.

We have enjoyed taking part in weekly Zumba sessions on a Tuesday morning with our instructor Sam. We have been learning the different routines and have been expressing ourselves through the music.

Throughout the week the children have enjoyed watching the rain as it fell. They got very excited with the big puddles out on the playground. We took this opportunity and explored the big puddles at playtime. We had lots of fun splashing about in the puddles and catching the rain in our mouths. Let’s just say we were very wet when we came back in from play!

On Friday mornings we have enjoyed collaboration time in the engine shed with Jellyfish class. We have had the opportunity to make a splash in the schools splash pool, climbing about in soft play, whilst exploring Jellyfish class and the activities out in the engine shed area.


Week 5

Week five has been another brilliant week in Octopus Class!

During PSHE this week we spoke about our personal hygiene. We watched a short video showing the importance of personal hygiene focusing on hand washing and the consequences of germs. We used a visual aid of glitter to represent germs and how easily they spread. All children were very bemused on how far germs can travel. 

In cooking we made our own fairy cakes. The children worked in pairs to follow the instructions and weigh out the ingredients. The children loved exploring the different textures of each ingredient and mixing them all together in the bowl. The children loved decorating them as part of our topic theme this term. They used icing sugar to create the main face, strawberry laces for their hair and a mixture of different sweets to create their features.

On Friday afternoons we have been taking part in drumming sessions. We have been following instructions from our drumming teacher Luke and have been learning new musical patterns on the drums. We have taken it in turns to showcase our learned patterns and have put them altogether into a piece of music.


Week 6

Week 6 in maths saw the pupils secure their understanding of addition. The children put their mathematical skills to the test and showed off their additional talents. The children had a range of activities to choose from and completed them with little adult support.

On Thursday afternoon we enjoyed our collaborative PE session with Jellyfish class where we developed our movement skills and team work into team games. This allowed them to embed learning from pervious PE lessons and put it into practice. All children worked well as a team and helped to save the aliens and return them back to their original planets.

This week was also libraries week and the children had the opportunity to visit Liden Library. The children found this very exciting and really enjoyed walking to and from the Library. When in the Library the children enjoyed exploring the different reading spaces and books. They also loved taking out a library card and bringing their selected books back to school.

Week 7

In week 7 we had a focus on the story Funnybones. We enjoyed reading and watching the different ‘Funnybones’ stories. For our literacy work this week we had a look at the different characters and settings in the ‘FunnyBones’ stories. We did really well discovering our sounds, cvc words and even writing some short sentences!

For our Science work this week we looked at our skeletal system and how our bones make us big and strong. We made a replica of our skeleton using bones. The children had to dig into the sand tray to find the different bones. Once found the different bones we discussed them and whereabouts we could find them in the body. The children were really good at matching the names to the different bones. We then laid it out on the floor to create a human sized skeleton!

During our supplementary maths lessons we have been looking at shapes. This week we explored 2D and 3D shapes in and outside the classroom. We began the lesson with a shape hunt around the school grounds. The children were really enthusiastic about this activity and really enjoyed looking for and finding different shapes within the environment. We then enjoyed exploring shapes further in the class and had a variety of activities to choose and learn from.


Well done for a brilliant first Term Octopus Class!