Class 5 - Octopus

Term 3 Report

In Term 3 we started exploring our Dinosaur Topic. We have had great fun digging for dinosaur bones in the sand and identifying the different features. In literacy we used this to label dinosaurs and write sentences to describe either a dinosaur or a dinosaur setting. We tried really hard to think of adventurous adjectives to make our sentences more interesting. We also practised our use of prepositions and positional language during dinosaur hunts around school and directing a partner to find a hidden dinosaur using verbal instructions. 

In Maths we have been using 2D shapes to create dinosaur pictures and practised making shapes either out of playdough or with a ruler. We have also challenged our peers to continue a repeating pattern and grouped shapes according to their properties.  

During our cooking sessions, we have enjoyed making tasty treats such as dinosaur biscuits, volcano cakes, dinosaur nests and pancakes. We have practised taking turns to read the recipe instructions, weigh out ingredients and stir the mixtures. In art we have looked at creating patterns using different materials and collaging materials to create dinosaurs and volcanoes.