Class 4 - Seahorse

Term 6 Report

Seahorses had a fantastic Term 6! We continued our All Around the World topic and learnt about Brazil, the USA and Australia. The children enjoyed learning about the rainforest and the animals that live there, had a special USA breakfast club with pancakes, bacon, eggs and juice, and loved pretending to be in Australia and writing a postcard home. They have also worked hard on their targets and all of them have made progress towards or achieved at least 2 of their targets – well done!

We visited the Four Kingdoms in Newbury where we learnt about farm animals and what they need to live – the farmer needed to fill up the pigs’ wallow and asked the children to help, which meant using the hose from a fire engine and squirting it into a big hole in the ground. They did such a good job, he let them sit in the fire engine afterwards, which they all absolutely loved.

Seahorses had great fun on our Teddy Bears Picnic at Coate Water, and had a great turn-out from parents. They had a fantastic time on the miniature railway and finished their turn just in time before the heavens opened!

Sports Day was a huge success and Seahorses would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who joined us and made it such fun! The children loved showing off the skills they have learnt, and especially loved the colour run at the end.

In the final week of term we had a visit from Space Odyssey, an indoor planetarium. Seahorses all went into the dome and enjoyed learning about the Solar System and stars – they were all very brave when it went dark, and extremely well behaved, listening to and following instructions beautifully.

Well done Seahorses for a fantastic year, happy holidays!  

 Term 5 Report 

Seahorses enjoyed learning all about different countries and continents for our All Around the World Topic. We learnt about the UK, Spain and India and had fun exploring different tastes from those countries. The children made information books to show what they had learnt and enjoyed learning about the different languages, houses and foods. They are looking forward to learning about more countries in Term 6!

We continued to work on our phoneme recognition and grapheme writing in Phonics, and the children have enjoyed learning about measurement in Maths, especially using the estimation station to estimate how much something weighs or how long an object is before finding a way to check their predictions. Seahorses also enjoyed conducting measurement experiments, building dens, recording the weather and exploring plant and animal life cycles in the school garden.

Seahorses had fun learning about the Royal Wedding and especially enjoyed our parents coming to join us for a street party celebration


 Term 4 Report

Seahorses were busy in Term 4 continuing our work on dinosaurs. We worked on initial sounds in phonics and practiced reading and writing tricky words. We enjoyed reading more dinosaur stories and learnt how to talk about the events at the beginning, middle and end of the story, as well as the characters, and names for each different part of the book. We wrote about a picture from each story, trying hard to segment accurately and to form our letters, words and sentences correctly.    

In Maths we continued our work on 2D and 3D shapes and learnt about position and direction. We hid objects and gave our friends directions to find them, used symbols to give each other instructions involving prepositions and practised our Maths vocabulary: outside, inside, in front, behind, under, on top, between.

We enjoyed making pancakes, dinosaur, Mother’s Day and Easter-themed goodies in cooking, and developed our hand washing and turn-taking skills while we waited for our turn to weigh, measure and mix ingredients.        

In Topic, we continued to learn about materials and which would sink or float. We were set a challenge to make a boat that would float and had to adapt our creations if they didn’t float and find ways to make them even better. We even challenged ourselves by carrying a passenger! We learnt how to program the BeeBots to make them move forwards, backwards and do quarter turns to the right and left, and enjoyed programming our friends to do the same!   

Seahorses really enjoyed inviting parents, carers and siblings to join us for a Crafternoon for Autism Awareness week.

 Term 3 Report

Seahorses were busy in Term 3 learning all about dinosaurs. We practised our phonics by playing the Dinosaur Memory Game, and developed our reading skills playing Dinosaur Snap and the suffix game. Our favourite stories were ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped…’ series – we listened hard to identify rhyming words, story characters and events, and learnt the names for each different part of a book.

In Maths we learnt about shapes and their properties. We made dinosaur pictures using 2D shapes, and sorted shapes by their number of sides and corners. We also practised our Maths vocabulary: straight, curved, edge, side, corner, vertice.

We enjoyed creating dinosaur-themed goodies in cooking, taking care to wash our hands properly first and taking turns to weigh, measure and mix ingredients.

In Topic, we learnt about materials and sorted them into hard/soft and man-made/natural categories. We used information books to find out about dinosaurs and created lots of different dinosaur models out of paper – taking care to hold and use scissors safely and accurately.