End of Term Reports - Class 3 Seahorse


Seahorses Term 1

This term we have had lots of fun! We have been getting used to the routines in class and we have all been developing the skill of tidying up once an activity has finished. We have enjoyed working for marbles in the jar and have earned rewards including; cake, popcorn, toys and soft play!

We have all been working hard to try to share, work with our friends to complete a task and to follow our individual schedules. We have really enjoyed working together to create life size portraits of each other and loved getting messy decorating letters for a new whole school display in the foyer. We have started to demonstrate that we are good at staying safe on the minibus during our weekly swimming sessions and are all great at trying to have a go at putting on our seatbelt independently.

In Literacy we have been writing about magic spells and what animal we would like to turn into; along with our favourite things. It’s great to see the children motivated to write about their families using photos from home. In Maths we have had fun playing shape games on the whiteboard and naming, sorting and building with 2D and 3D shapes. The children have used their knowledge of shapes and their imagination to create houses, boats, rockets and special boxes using junk modelling and construction materials.

We have enjoyed choosing books to read and during library week we visited Liden Library. The children were great at sharing stories and following the rules of the library.  We even had a slice of cake and a drink in the library café as a reward!

We are all looking forward to next term and our new topic, Party Time!