Class 4 - Seahorse

Term 4 Report

Term 4 – People Who Help Us

This term in Seahorse Class we have been learning all about the different emergency services and how they can help us. We have been learning to say and write our home address and we know when we should call 999 and when we shouldn’t. We have talked about how we can help others and how we can help the environment and we took part in the BBC Live Lesson about the Oceans. We have celebrated World Book Day, Red Nose Day and Autism Awareness Week. It has been a lot of fun!

During our English work we have enjoyed sharing stories about a firefighter, a police officer and other people who may need help from others. We have developed our ability to answer questions about what we read. We have also been working on our understanding of questions through out communication carousel each week. Some of us are getting really good at answering questions about what might happen next in a story or in a picture. We are all fab writers and we have started using iPads and computers to support our writing and spelling as well as continuing with our letter formation with pencils.

In our Maths work we have been working on our money skills, our measurement skills and our fractions skills. We have all made amazing progress in Maths this term and have been very motivated by our activities in Maths. We will continue working on money skills next term and set up a ‘snack’ shop in class where the children must ‘buy’ their own snack. They have really enjoyed ‘buying’ toys in class and then playing with them. All children can recognise different coins and some of us are starting to combine coins to make different amounts.

In a lot of our work this term, we have been practicing sharing, following instructions and working together to complete a task. We have worked on identifying healthy options to eat and we are looking forward to our trip to Morrisons for lunch at the end of the term. We really love science and messy play; we have carried out a variety of experiments to make cornflour slime, fizzy colours and continued supporting our sensory needs with our sensory room and activities.

We have had lots of visitors to school this term. We were very lucky to have a Fire Engine and real firefighters come into school. We particularly enjoyed using the fire hose to spray water everywhere and trying on the firefighter’s uniform and helmets. We also had Sam the Police Officer come to talk to us about how we stay safe and what we can do if we are not safe. He also talked to us about how we now if someone is a stranger! On World Book Day we had fun exploring books and it was really good having our families come and join us in class to share some books too.

What a busy term we have had! Next term we will be learning all about minibeasts and the outdoors in our ‘Down at the Bottom of the Garden’ Topic.

Term 3 Report - Superheroes

This term in Seahorse Class we have had a lot of fun learning about Superheroes. We have learnt how to be Superheroes buy helping others, sharing resources, being a good friend and tidying up. In our English work we have been practicing our writing skills, writing about Superheroes that we know like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and we have created Superheroes of our own to write about. We have talked about what powers Superheroes have and how they help people. We have read lots of stories about Superheroes and we had a visit to class from Supertato and The Evil Pea! The Evil Pea had struck again and upset all the vegetables. He had taped the carrots to the wall and drawn funny faces on the broccoli. Supertato really needed the children’s help so he wrote them a letter. Seahorse class were really helpful and made Supertato’s to help find the Evil Pea. They made Evil Pea traps, Supertato funny faces and helped the frozen vegetables by separating all the Evil Peas from the rest of the vegetables. The Evil Pea was even heard to say ‘Ouch! My ears.’ when the children used the tweezers. We had a lot of fun helping Supertato this term!

In Math, we have become experts at using numbers. We have practiced counting in lots of different ways using lots of different resources. We have learnt about adding numbers together to make bigger numbers and about subtracting numbers away from each other to make smaller numbers. Some of us have been learning our times tables and how to use them to help us to halve and then divide numbers equally. We all really enjoyed learning to tell the time and could demonstrate that we can tell the time to O’Clock. We had fun sequencing different things that we do throughout the day and by the end of the term we completed a Maths challenge! We had to complete some addition and subtraction problems which we wrote ourselves, and we were amazing at this. Some of us even challenged ourselves to adding three digit numbers together and we surprised everyone that we could find the answer too!

We have fun exploring our sensory needs and many of us went on some yoga adventures with different animals. We learnt the secret yoga code word…Namaste! We are very good at following the movements and it helps us feeling ‘just right’. We have explored messy play and paint to help us create lanterns for Chinese New Year and to support our understanding of our own sensory needs.

We have really enjoyed our topic on Superheroes and we are looking forward to learning about People Who Help Us next!


 Term 2 Report

This term we have had lots of fun! We have been getting used to the routines in class and we have all learnt how to help tidy up after we have finished playing. We love working for marbles in the jar and have earned rewards including; a pyjama party, a movie and popcorn and a special treat of chocolate!

We have all been working hard to try to share, work with our friends to complete and task and to follow our individual schedules. We really enjoyed working together to complete a coin trail for Children in Need and to take part in a treasure hunt to find places around the school. We have really started demonstrating that we are good at listening, so have had a few trips to the local shop to buy ingredients for cooking.

In Literacy we have been writing about our favourite things including, our favourite places in Swindon, around school and our favourite thing to do at school. We have even written letters to Santa! In Maths, we have been creating repeating patterns using stickers, shapes and different objects. We have had fun playing shape sorting games on the whiteboard and we are able to name a range of 2D and 3D shapes.

One our favourite places to go is the library and we were super excited when the author of Dinosaur Roar! Paul Stickland came to visit and read his book to us. We loved all the dinosaurs and counting to see how many there were.

In the lead up to Christmas we have been very excited. We have enjoyed making gingerbread men, snowmen and pizzas in cooking and we have used our imaginations to create Santa’s sleigh out of junk modelling and a range of construction materials.

We are all looking forward to next terms when we all become SUPERHEROES! 



Term 1 Report

In Seahorse class this term we have been settling in and getting to know our new routines, classroom and teacher! We said goodbye to Jo at the end of the term and have welcomed our new teacher, Kate, who is really enjoying being a Seahorse at Chalet School!

We began by thinking about things we like and don’t like, and learning to tolerate and understand some of the differences between ourselves and others. We explored our circle of care, and have been thinking about or families and people who help us.

In literacy we have been writing about autumn pictures and practicing our phonics to help us with spelling. We have been practicing saying our sentences out loud to an adult before we write them down and learning to form our letters in the right way.

In maths we have been developing our understanding of numbers and the number system, practicing the right way to form our digits and counting forwards and backwards to 20. We have also learnt to add using resources like number lines and have been telling an adult which number is larger or smaller.

In PSHE we have written our class rules together and have been learning independence skills such as dressing and undressing for PE and sharing snack together in the morning. We have especially enjoyed our special snack on a Friday where we have tasted and smelt lots of different foods and learnt to share a social occasion together.

As part of our topic work we have explored the season of autumn, taking part in our harvest festival and visiting the school garden to gather autumn leaves. We have looked at how the weather is changing and have enjoyed singing some new songs like ‘Tony Chestnut’ and ‘This Little Light of Mine’!

This term, Seahorse class have had the opportunity to take part in swimming and Zumba and have talked about how these activities can help us to stay healthy. We have also enjoyed drumming with Luke and have shown some brilliant musical skills and enthusiasm. We are really looking forward to the rest of the year and have had a fantastic term 1.

Well done Seahorses!