Class 4 - Seahorse

Term 3 Report

Seahorses were busy in Term 3 learning all about dinosaurs. We practised our phonics by playing the Dinosaur Memory Game, and developed our reading skills playing Dinosaur Snap and the suffix game. Our favourite stories were ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped…’ series – we listened hard to identify rhyming words, story characters and events, and learnt the names for each different part of a book.

In Maths we learnt about shapes and their properties. We made dinosaur pictures using 2D shapes, and sorted shapes by their number of sides and corners. We also practised our Maths vocabulary: straight, curved, edge, side, corner, vertice.

We enjoyed creating dinosaur-themed goodies in cooking, taking care to wash our hands properly first and taking turns to weigh, measure and mix ingredients.

In Topic, we learnt about materials and sorted them into hard/soft and man-made/natural categories. We used information books to find out about dinosaurs and created lots of different dinosaur models out of paper – taking care to hold and use scissors safely and accurately.