Class 3 - Starfish

Term 5 Report

Last term saw Starfish class taking a trip around the world! We tried food, dressed up in clothes and listened to music from countries such as India, China, Italy and France. The children tasted some delicious home cooked Indian food, explored messy sensory pasta trays, watched Chinese dancing among other activities. We also enjoyed a trip to Pennyhooks farm and a visit from Zoolab- the children loved having the opportunity to meet the animals. 

 Term 4 Report

This term we have continued our dinosaur topic. The children enjoyed lots of sensory exploration, finding dinosaurs in trays of goo and jelly! In literacy we have continued to look at the words from our sensory story, matching symbols and words to the different props. Maths has seen us playing lots of games, with a focus on learning about big and small. We have continued our cooking sessions, and each week a group goes to Tesco to buy our ingredients, taking a shopping list and using the correct money. This has been a real success and we’re very proud of everyone in Starfish class for being sensible and independent when out in the community! 

 Term 3 Report

Starfish class have been enjoying the Dinosaur theme this term with lots of different activities. In our literacy lessons we have been learning all about Danny the Dinosaur through our sensory story. Danny lives in a swamp and eats leaves, and the children have enjoyed getting messy whilst exploring Danny’s home.  Our science lessons have seen us making a volcano explode using baking soda and vinegar- the children loved making the clay volcanoes and watching the ‘lava’ erupt out of them! We have also been busy in the kitchen, making dinosaur egg nests, and dinosaur footprint biscuits.

We are lucky to have our weekly sessions with Ruth in the garden this term, and so far we have been digging up dinosaur bones and following dinosaur footprints.