End of Term Reports - Class 4 Starfish

Starfish Term 2


Term two has been very exiting! We have enjoyed lots of new experiences, including exploring new tastes, smells, textures and ways to move our bodies. We all learn through play and have got very messy this term. Some of our favourite sensory activities have been making volcanos, making snow, ice play and watching light up toys.

We have enjoyed two sensory stories this term; The Very Hungry Caterpillar and We are going on a Santa hunt. These stories gave us the chance to experience a range of sounds, tastes, textures, temperatures and tactile experiences. We have also learnt lots of nursery rhymes and have been practicing our signing to include the actions. We have loved reading daily in our new reading area.

In maths, we have been practicing our counting skills and have counted a range of objects in different environments. We are learning to identify more and less, which has involved lots of messy play. We have learnt lots of new number songs and enjoy dancing along.

We have been developing our water confidence, either at swimming or in the splash pool. We have also been practicing safe ways to climb by engaging in a climbing circuit, which kept getting harder each week! This term we also attended Zumba. We enjoyed listening to the music and coping the dance moves.

We have all learnt about this terms value of being healthy. We have tasted a range of healthy foods and communicated if we liked them or not. We have been learning what is edible and what we should not put in our mouths. This has been very tricky to learn and we will keep practicing next term! We have been very active this term and have completed obstacle courses, spent time in the school garden and played throwing games.

We have celebrated lots of events this term, including Christmas, Remembrance Day, thanksgiving, Children in Need and road safety week. We have use art, cooking, sensory play and music to explore the events. We have also been visited by Cracker Jack, an elf, who showed us how magical Christmas is.

Starfish Term 1

We have had a fantastic first term in Starfish! We have enjoyed making lots of new friends and learning our class routines. For our topic ‘magic me’ we have been exploring our senses and have got very messy along the way! We have been exploring our classroom and have all found new toys we enjoy and find calming. Some of us have been swimming at the MAU and adored playing in the water and watching the lights bounce off the water. If we have not been swimming, we have developed our water confidence using water play and splash pool. We have also spent a morning each week in the garden with Ruth and have complete obstacle courses, made magic wands and potions. In cooking, we have made and tasted a range of foods including fruit smoothies, decorating biscuits and pumpkin cakes.