Class 2 - Turtle

Term 6 Report 

We have continued our topic of Around the World and have explored travel and going on holidays, We had fun painting our own holiday t shirt and packing pretend suitcases. In our many role plays we’ve pretended that we were going on an aeroplane and enjoying ‘sunbathing’ on the beach.

A highlight of the term has to be the trip to Coate Water – what superstars the children were! They were so well behaved and took the very heavy rain in their stride late in the afternoon! Regardless of that, it was an enjoyable trip for all!

In the last week of term we were very lucky to have a visit from Space Odyssey who brought in a space dome for us to visit, complete with amazing space picture projections! We had a fantastic time!

The end of a super year!

Term 5 Report

During term 5 we have been learning about different countries in the world.

We have enjoyed looking at a map to see where some different countries in the world are.

First we learned about Italy. Alex showed the children photos of her family in Italy and we learned about some famous Italian foods. The children loved making and eating pizza and ice cream! The children used pasts to explore capacity and spent time filling and emptying containers with pasta.

Next the children learned about Antarctica and the North Pole. They were very interested in the different animals that live there.

As part of this topic we had a visit from Zoo lab when the children got the opportunity to learn about and handle some mini beasts from different countries.

We finished the term with a playground party to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. The children enjoyed cooking and preparing food , making party hats and writing invitations. 

 Term 3 Report

During term 3 we have been working on shape and size in our maths work. We have had lots of fun measuring and comparing the size and shape of objects, including dinosaurs! In Literacy we have been looking at non -fiction information about dinosaurs and have been practicing making marks and writing labels. We have also been learning about volcanoes and the children loved making their own erupting volcanoes using bubbles. The children have had lots of opportunities to learn about themselves, for example making lists of things they like and don’t like. They have also been playing lots of turn taking games and as a result are more able to wait and take turns.