End of Term Reports - Class 2 Turtles

Turtles Term 2 

Week 1

We all enjoyed a lovely October half term and have settled back into Turtle class well. We have started to learn about our new topic ‘Party time’ and celebrated bonfire night. We have made pastry Catherine wheels, twig sparklers and fizzing fireworks! We have also talked about how to stay safe when watching fireworks. This week in Coral reef we have started our Rainbow challenges again! This week we have had lots of different rainbow challenges to complete and have all really enjoyed completing them! We have also started to go to drumming this week with Luke. We had lots of fun following a rhythm and exploring the speed of different music, we are excited for next week. Well done Turtles for a great first week back!

Week 2

What a busy and fun week we have had! We have spent lots of time learning about ‘Children in Need’ this week and preparing for our Pudsey party. We have learnt about what ‘Children in Need’ is and what Pudsey bear looks like. This week in writing we have made invites to our Pudsey party and in maths we have been completing addition using Pudsey’s spots! On Friday we throw a Pudsey party in class. Some of us came in our party clothes and celebrated the day with party music, games and food!

Week 3

This week we have been celebrating World Nursery Rhythm week! We have explored lots of different nursery rhythms inside and outside. We have enjoyed singing, dancing and role playing to them! This week in cooking we have enjoyed making smoothies with pineapple, mango and banana! We have also enjoyed playing party games in the garden with Stingray class and Ruth. During writing this week we continued to learn how to write party invitations and thought about different people we would like to invite to our party. In maths this week we have been focused on the nursery rhythm ‘Ten in a bed’ and have completed different addition problems!

Week 4

As part of our topic ‘Party Time’ we have touched on the celebration of Thanksgiving, where the children had the opportunity to taste some typical thanksgiving foods. We tried cranberry sauce, turkey, sweet potato mash, sweetcorn and green beans!

It has also been Road Safety week so the children have had opportunities to explore toy vehicles and develop their understanding of road safety, especially traffic lights.

The children have continued to explore writing and mark making this week. We have concentrated on exploring effective grips with different pencils and pens.

We have all enjoyed sawing in the garden this week with Ruth in our forest school slot. We were excited to start to get ready for Christmas!

Week 5

This week we started our advent calendar; we have a story advent calendar with each door hiding a different mini story book. We have also properly begun our festive Christmas themed activities. We have enjoyed icing sugar and salt themed ‘snow’ play.

In writing we have been creating our Christmas wish lists by selecting, cutting out and pasting pictures from toy magazines and guides and then attempting to mark make or copy write the items.

Our week has ended with a special visit from a Christmas entertainer ‘Cracker Jack’ who brought us magic snow and balloon animals! We have also started to learn all about the nativity story. We all had a lovely time!

 Week 6

This week we have really got into the Christmas spirit and have had the opportunity to engage in lots of festive fun!

At the end of the week we had a special ‘Carols Around the Tree’ event, where our families had some time together in the hall enjoying Swindon Brass Band before joining us in the classroom for some art and craft activities including dressing up, decorating a salt dough decoration and biscuit and cakes! We had a lovely time!

Some of the children have also been putting their money skills to the test in our breakfast café!  

 Week 7

Our last week of term! We’ve had lots of fun activities this week to celebrate and wind down to the school holidays.

We have been busy finishing our family Christmas cards, creating calendars, decorating baubles and salt dough decorations and making party items such as crackers!

On Thursday afternoon we have had our Chalet Christmas Disco in the hall which was great fun – we loved dancing and singing along to lots of popular songs!

On Friday we had golden time and a special party snack to celebrate the end of a busy but fun filled term!

Turtles Term 1




Week 1

Wow what an amazing start to term! Every Turtle has settled into class amazingly and have all been very kind to one another. We have all loved playing in our new outside area and have  made our play house into our own 'holiday home' to play in. We have all enjoyed getting to know one another and have started to explore different things that we like and don't like.

We have also celebrated two birthdays in Turtles this week and have enjoyed our 'party snacks'! Well done Turtles what an amazing start to the year!

Week 2

This week we have concentrated on learning all about ourselves. We have made biscuit faces and we have painted our portraits! This week we have visited lots of different places around school, the hall, school garden and soft play!

We also started our balanceability lessons this week which we all enjoyed. 

We ended our week celebrating national Roald Dahl day! Coral Reef became 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We invented our own playdough sweets, wrote our names in chocolate, tasted lots of different types of chocolate and played in our chocolate water area! 

Week 3 

This week in Turtles class we have continued to explore our topic 'Magic Me'. We have started to explore our different senses, this week in 'Taste' we tried sour sweets, which lots of us liked! We have also spent time on the bikes and scooters in PE.  We have visited the library and soft play! 

Turtle class also had a shared golden time with Stingrays this week and we really enjoyed getting to know our new friends! We have really impressed the adults this week with our good listening, hard work and kindness! 

Week 4 

Wow what a great week in Turtles!

It has been very busy as all of our new friends have started full time, so there has been lots of children to play with and get to know. We have also had Malcom come to visit us on a Monday afternoon to teach us Balancability!

This week we have started to have small groups visit splash pool to complete our writing lessons. We have been concentrating on writing our names and last names! We have continued to explore different faces and this week we made pizza faces in cooking. We also started breakfast club this week and we introduced baked beans into snack time. 

Week 5 

During week 5 we have been very busy! We have made berry smoothies, which we all really enjoyed. We also have continued with our balanceability lessons with Malcom. This week we concentrated on learning how to slow down and stop. We also have started to learn how to glide. This week in our breakfast café we tasted spaghetti hoops and crumpets. We are all working really hard at waiting in line and 'ordering' our food. 

Week 6 

This week in Turtles class we have continued to explore our topic 'Magic me'. We have made potions with all of our favourite things in them, we have decorated gingerbread men and have explored our senses.

To celebrate library week we all visited the library during relax to enjoy our favourite stories. We also enjoyed reading stories in unusual places to celebrate!

This week in maths we have been learning about ordinal numbers and learning new nursery rhythms. 

Week 7 

Well done Turtles for another great week.

We all really enjoyed our last Balanceability session with Malcom. We have all made lots of progress and have enjoyed learning to scoot and glide! This week we also celebrated our termly value 'I am caring' and all received special certificates in assembly to celebrate something caring we have done.

We have enjoyed learning about Diwali and trying lots of yummy food. Our favourites were the poppadum's! We started to celebrate Halloween during golden time on Friday. 

Well done on a great term Turtles class, you have all made the adults really proud and have settled in amazingly!