Class 2 - Turtle 


Term 5 Report

Term 5- Week 1 

We have had a fun first week back! We have enjoyed starting to learn about mini beasts. This week we have introduced rainbow challenges to Coral  Reef and all have worked really hard at doing these! We have also started our garden slot with Ruth again this term and this week we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and explored different mini beasts in their habitat. 

Term 5- Week 2 

This week we have enjoyed exploring mini beasts some more and had an exciting visit from Zoolab! We all surprised the adults and loved visiting the snake, cockroach and snail! This week we have also celebrated being British by voting for a special snack at our whole school picnic and play afternoon! We have also made some amazing progress with toileting this week and have enjoyed earning DoJo points or stickers for this. 

Term 5- Week 3 

This week in Turtle class we have had an exciting week! We had a special present arrived that we were all very excited to look after… it was caterpillars! We will be looking after them in class until the end of term and watching them as they go through the life cycle. We have also started a snack shop on a Tuesday in Turtles and the children have started to buy their snack with money/ exchange a coin, they have all been enjoying this and are working really hard!

We also enjoyed our May Day celebrations in the garden with Ruth and some of our families. We all decorated a biscuit to take with us and some of us joined in dancing with the Morris dancers and making clay faces. 

Term 5- Week 4 

This week Turtles have been enjoying the sunshine and have had our first golden challenge! We had the chance to make a bird cake for the birds and our golden reward was choosing an ice-lolly. We have all been working really hard on our rainbow challenge and have made the adults really proud.

We have seen our caterpillars turn to chrysalises this week and are excited to see them continue to change. 

Term 5- Week 5 

During our last week we have enjoyed lots outside play to extend their learning. We have had another golden challenge this week- we explored different tools to make our own bubbles. Our reward was an ice cream and a cinema room during golden time on Friday,

We have also had another lovely garden event with some of our families on Friday and spent some time with Ruth making magic wands and magic potions.

We have made lots of progress with of our speech and language targets this term and have made the adults very proud of our hard work. Another great term Turtles well done!

Term 4 Report

 Term 4- Week 1

This week we have introduced our new topic ‘People who help us’. We have had a general focus on people around us who are safe to ask for help. We went on the bikes and talked about how we keep our selves safe and how to stop when needed. We also have thought about traffic lights and what each colour means, we all loved practising stopping, waiting and going. In our cooking this week we have decorated traffic light crackers and biscuits. We have had lots of bucket groups and have moved on to stage 2- great work Turtles! We have also all been enjoying lots of reading this week and lots of us are choosing to look at stories during busy time! We are all making great progress with our next steps since being back from half term!

 Term 4- Week 2

This week has been a busy week in Turtle class! We have introduced the Police and how they can help us. We have explored the Polices role though busy time and some of us also captioned pictures of the Police. We also celebrated Pancake Day this week. We had a special snack of pancakes on Tuesday and requested different toppings- a favourite being strawberries! We also made pancake batter with Beth in cooking and are all making great progress in following recipes. This week we have also celebrated ‘World Book Day’. We all brought in our favourite stories to celebrate and we had a read and relax afternoon where we had some of our lovely parents come to read with us. During our assembly this week with Stingrays we acted out ‘We are going on a Bear hunt’ story. We have had lots of fun this week and are looking forward to learning about Firefighters next week.

 Term 4- Week 3 

This week we have loved learning all about Firefighters! We have enjoyed being able to use the water sprayers to put out pretend fires and to spray down our numbers in maths! We have gotten very messy this week and wet! Turtle class have loved being in the garden this week and listening to stories in the tepee. We have all made some amazing progress with our reading this term and are often choosing to read stories during busy time! 

Term 4- Week 4 

This week we have had a medical themed week! We have practised using the bandages and plasters in our role play doctors. We even used some ketchup on Friday to get gruesome to finish off the medical week fun. This week in maths we have been looking at shape and positional language. We have been doing lots of maths tasks throughout our week and practising what we learnt through our play. Well done Turtles for a fun filled week and lots of good sharing! 

Term 4- Week 5

This week has been our dentist week and has been very busy! We have practised brushing our own teeth, dolls teeth and have even made pretend teeth in our role play area. This week we also got ourselves ready for Mother’s day and thought about why we love our mummies (Some do because they clean and cook for them)! We have also had a visit from the fire department this week. We all loved seeing the fire engine and being able to have a turn with the fire hose!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that the baby chicks arrived in school. We have had 3 chicks hatch so far and are very excited for more to come.

 Term 4- Week 6

During our last week of term we have had a busy week full of Easter fun and celebrating world autism week! We have enjoyed Easter egg hunts, decorating eggs, making eggs and Easter cooking. We have had lots of different activities through the week to celebrate world autism week. Thank you for all the parents that attended our crafter noon! Well done Turtle class for a great term. You have all tried really hard with your communication and sharing this term. All the adults in Turtle class are very proud of you all!









Term 3 Report

Week 1

During week one we have been introduced to our new topic- On the farm! We have all enjoyed exploring different farm animals, different farm buildings and the sounds the animals make. This week we have had a ‘Farm shop’ theme in Turtle class. We have been writing/ mark making our own shopping lists and paying for items using our tills during maths. We have also enjoyed our balanceability and yoga session this week! During cooking this week we concentrated on ingredients we would find on the farm and explored flour. We all tried making our own sandwiches independently and some even tried new flavours- lemon curd was a hit! We have all enjoyed our new games in class this week that we have been using to practise some of our speech and language targets, splashy whale is our favourite! All the adults in Turtle class have been very proud of our hard work and eagerness to learn in our first week back in 2019- well done Turtles!

Week 2

This week in turtle class we have enjoyed learning more about the different animals and the different produce found on the farm. Our story of the week has been Rosie’s Walk and we have all enjoyed listening to this! We have been looking at positional language in maths and moving Rosie around the farm. We have also looked at what crops can be found on the farm and have been exploring popcorn kernels! We have also enjoyed our balanceabilty lesson with Beth this week and have all been making great progress! In English we have continued to mark make through role play and have continued our farm shop. This week we have had some children in Shark class join us to help us with some of our speech and language targets and we have all enjoyed this. Thankyou Sharks!

Week 3

During week three our story of the week has been ‘What the ladybird heard’! We have exploring where milk comes from and have had a chance to make our own milkshakes by following a recipe. We all impressed the adults with our skills and made some delicious milkshakes-yum! We have also been working adding one more and one less in maths and some of us have been practising writing our numbers. During our busy time this week we have been exploring being Police men and women and acting out parts of the story. We even had a chance on Friday to dress up as police officers and play in our roleplay police office. Lots of us loved being able to use the keyboards and phones! We have made the adults really proud this week and have been showing some lovely playing skills. Lots of friendships are growing in Turtle class.

Week 4

Week four has been a busy week! We have been looking at ‘The Enormous Turnip’ story throughout the week and have been exploring lots of different vegetables. We have had a go at weighing different vegetables, writing with them, exploring vegetable soup and printing with them! During cooking this week we made turnip mash and some of us even tasted it- good work! We have explored ‘mud paint’ and ‘fizzing mud’ in our sensory time this week and had lots of fun. We also have spent some time in the school garden where we were able to rake the mud, water the allotments and start to think about where we need to plant the seeds. We have been lucky this week because we have been able to experience some snow falls and have thought about how to dress appropriately in the cold weather. We have all completed lots of great Speech and Language work this week- Well done Turtles

Week 5

During week five we have had a focus on ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ story. We have learnt about different vegetables and had a go at planting our own vegetables! We have explored potatoes in lots of ways; mashing, mark making, using PECS to request food colouring and even planted some in our tuff trays! We have also made potato, parsnip and carrot soup this week for cooking. We were all amazing at this and used the utensils safely and correctly. We have had lots of bucket groups this week and we are all now showing great attention skills. We have been working on our reading skills lots this week and have all been enjoying looking at stories at different times throughout the day. We have had a very happy week full of lots of learning!

Week 6

Week six! We went to visit ‘The Farm project’ in Cirencester this week. It was our first whole class school trip. We loved looking in the poly tunnels and some of us even tasted the rocket and the spinach! We also got to feed to dairy cows and meet the Bull. We also had a turn sitting on a tractor and visiting some baby chicks. We were all amazing and listened brilliantly. We also loved having lots of our family members with us to experience the fun! We learnt lots through the week all about animals! We loved spending some time in the school garden this week and exploring planting in the allotment. Turtles have all made amazing progress in their communication this term and we celebrated with a special snack and getting the bikes out to ride around on. Well done for a brilliant term Turtles you have made all of the adults very proud!





Term 2 Report 

Week 1
During week one, we have been learning all about Bonfire night and Remembrance Day. We have been exploring lots of different ways people celebrate these days. We have made bonfire pictures, fire work art, junk model rockets and poppy biscuits. We have been looking at number recognition and counting in Maths this week and have all completed some amazing work. We have also been doing lots of reading in Turtle class this week either by ourselves or looking at books with an adult. Our gardening slot with Ruth also started this week and we all loved it! We collected sticks to make bonfires, we watched Ruth make sparks and we watered the allotment. We have had a good start to the term, well done Turtles!

Week 2
This week we have had an exciting week in Turtles, we have celebrated Diwali and Children in Need! We have continued to explore fireworks and had a turn at making a fizzing firework (with vinegar and bicarbonate)! We have also had a chance to try some new foods as part of our Diwali celebrations which we all did well at-the favourite was poppadum’s! This week we have been exploring new textures so as part of our art we made clay tea light holders, some of use chose to make handprint holders and some of use chose to make round ones. We all decorated them in our own way. On Friday we got to come to school in our PJ’s as part of Children in Need which was lots of fun. We also had a special snack to celebrate all of our class Do Jo points- amazing work!

Week 3
During week three in Turtle class we have been continuing to learn about celebrations. We have been listening and completing work around the story ‘Tiger who came to Tea’. We have had our own tea party in class and have been practising making ourselves and others drinks, pouring drinks and opening packaging. We were all amazing! We have also started to learn our Christmas song ready for carols around the tree. This week in writing we have been focusing on writing our names and mark making.

Week 4
Week 4! This week we have had a ‘Stickman’ theme in class. We have tried new foods that resembled sticks eg matchsticks, twiglets, pineapple sticks etc. Charlie also introduced a taste of the day this week and has been making us try lots of new foods like lemon curd and apple sauce. We have all been doing well with it and exploring the taste in our own ways. We have been looking at shapes and sizes in maths. This week we had an author ‘Paul Stickland’ visit and open our new library. He read us the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’!

Week 5
In week 5 we have started our Christmas celebrations yay! We have been making stars in art, ‘melting snowman’ biscuits in cooking and practising our Christmas carol singing. We have also been making Christmas tree decorations in the school garden with Ruth and have been enjoying all the Christmas festivities. We have been practising our name writing this week in lots of different ways….we have even tried writing our names in gravy with carrots! Our signing in Turtle class has been improving all term and we are all really proud of Turtle class for their progress. Well done for a good week Turtle class.

Week 6
We started off week 6 with our Christmas carol’s concert- we were all amazing! We sung ‘The Christmas Tree Song’ and we decorated the tree as we sung. Lots of our families came to watch which was lovely. We have been doing lots of Christmas arts and crafts this week which we have enjoyed. Some of our class went on the Elf Dash this week which was quite far away, whilst we were there we got to run through ‘snow’ and bounce on trampettes and lots of other elf activities! In our garden slot with Ruth this week we made woven wands! This week we have been enjoying the Christmas fun and have all been super stars- we have earned lots of class Do Jo points!

Week 7
Final week! This week we have been making lots of different Christmas decorations to take home for our families. We have practised our writing/mark making so that we could write in our Christmas cards to our families. We have also made Reindeer food and Christmas tree ice cream cones- yummy! We have also had the Rev. in this week for our ‘crafternoon’ and lots of our lovely parents! We had fun making crafts and learning more about the Christmas story. We finished our week with the Christmas disco. We all impressed the adults with our moves!

Well done Turtles you have had a brilliant second term and have all made progress in lots of different ways. Lots of friendships have developed and lots of play skills too! Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the New Year ready for some more fun in Turtles!



 Term 1 Report 

Week 1
During week one we have been getting to know our new friends, our new class and our new teachers. We have been doing some art work in Turtles this week using the mirrors to help us draw ourselves. We have all had a really good start in our new class!

Week 2
This week in Turtles class we have been very busy! We have been in to soft play (which we all loved), used the bikes in our PE lesson and listened to ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ sensory story. We also visited the school garden and loved exploring this. Our drumming lessons started with Luke this week and we all tried joining in.

Week 3
This week in Turtles class we have been exploring lots of sensory play and have got messy! We also have had some new outdoor toys for us to play with; a sandpit and water flow tray. We have worked on our cutting skills during cooking this week and recognising the appropriate cutlery. We have also had a ‘Three little pigs’ theme in early years and have enjoyed exploring this throughout our lessons this week. We have made houses during busy time, we have role played parts of the story and we have experimented with different strength materials.

Week 4
During week four in Turtles class we have been discovering lots of different activities with our friends. We have been out in the school garden exploring and watering the allotment. We have had a ‘Gingerbread man’ theme in Coral reef this week and have enjoyed cooking our own gingerbread men; almost all of us liked tasting them too! We have also been busy thinking about our likes and dislikes. We have also enjoyed our PE session with Beth. Another happy week in Turtles class!

Week 5
This week in Turtles class we have been learning all about the hungry caterpillar. We all loved it! We have explored food tasting, fruit printing, story sequencing and shapes! Some of us also started swimming this week. We have also been in the garden, soft play and riding the bikes in PE!

Week 6
During week six in Turtles class we have had a bear hunt theme across Coral reef. We have had a sensory story- we all loved the silly foam for the snow! We made sandwiches for our teddy bear picnic (our teachers were impressed with our cutting and spreading skills). We also celebrated the Harvest festival on Friday where some of our families came in, thank you again.

Week 7
This week in turtle class has been a busy! We met a new friend of ours who will be joining the class next term. During the week we also looked lots at self-care, we washed babies, brushed teeth and dressed dolls. We loved our drumming session with Luke this week and have enjoyed his Disney theme!