Class 2 - Turtle

Term 1 Report 

Week 1
During week one we have been getting to know our new friends, our new class and our new teachers. We have been doing some art work in Turtles this week using the mirrors to help us draw ourselves. We have all had a really good start in our new class!

Week 2
This week in Turtles class we have been very busy! We have been in to soft play (which we all loved), used the bikes in our PE lesson and listened to ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ sensory story. We also visited the school garden and loved exploring this. Our drumming lessons started with Luke this week and we all tried joining in.

Week 3
This week in Turtles class we have been exploring lots of sensory play and have got messy! We also have had some new outdoor toys for us to play with; a sandpit and water flow tray. We have worked on our cutting skills during cooking this week and recognising the appropriate cutlery. We have also had a ‘Three little pigs’ theme in early years and have enjoyed exploring this throughout our lessons this week. We have made houses during busy time, we have role played parts of the story and we have experimented with different strength materials.

Week 4
During week four in Turtles class we have been discovering lots of different activities with our friends. We have been out in the school garden exploring and watering the allotment. We have had a ‘Gingerbread man’ theme in Coral reef this week and have enjoyed cooking our own gingerbread men; almost all of us liked tasting them too! We have also been busy thinking about our likes and dislikes. We have also enjoyed our PE session with Beth. Another happy week in Turtles class!

Week 5
This week in Turtles class we have been learning all about the hungry caterpillar. We all loved it! We have explored food tasting, fruit printing, story sequencing and shapes! Some of us also started swimming this week. We have also been in the garden, soft play and riding the bikes in PE!

Week 6
During week six in Turtles class we have had a bear hunt theme across Coral reef. We have had a sensory story- we all loved the silly foam for the snow! We made sandwiches for our teddy bear picnic (our teachers were impressed with our cutting and spreading skills). We also celebrated the Harvest festival on Friday where some of our families came in, thank you again.

Week 7
This week in turtle class has been a busy! We met a new friend of ours who will be joining the class next term. During the week we also looked lots at self-care, we washed babies, brushed teeth and dressed dolls. We loved our drumming session with Luke this week and have enjoyed his Disney theme!